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Inversion Valve

WABCO Inversion Relay Valve

The WABCO Inversion Relay Valve is ingeniously designed to optimize air flow within the braking system, ensuring rapid response times and unparalleled reliability under demanding conditions. Unique to WABCO, this component features advanced materials and precision engineering, which significantly reduces wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the braking system. Its integration into vehicles highlights WABCO's commitment to pushing the boundaries of safety, performance, and efficiency. The WABCO 9718991520 not only exemplifies the brand’s legacy of quality but also its foresight in pioneering technologies that set new industry standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures quicker braking reaction times, enhancing safety
  • Made with high-quality materials for longer service life
  • Optimizes air flow, improving overall braking system efficiency
  • Designed for easy integration and seamless compatibility with existing systems
  • Contributes to safer driving conditions by ensuring reliable braking performance
  • Part of WABCO's long-standing tradition of innovation in commercial vehicle technology

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Whether it’s for cars, buses, trucks, or trailers, WABCO® is at the frontline at developing and providing products and systems to make vehicles safer and easier to control. Founded in 1869, WABCO is a major supplier of braking, stability, suspension and transmissions in the Americas and beyond. The company is recognized as introducing the modern air brake system in 1869, and continues to lead the industry in air brake design and production for the heavy duty and commercial vehicle sectors. Today, WABCO operates as a division of the German auto parts maker ZF and employs 16,000 employees in facilities in 36 countries worldwide.

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