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Cummins Water Pump Kit

Ensure optimal engine cooling and reliable performance with the Cummins Water Pump Kit. This comprehensive kit provides all the necessary parts and hardware for a complete water pump replacement and maintenance. The water pump acts as the heart of your engine's cooling system, circulating coolant throughout the engine block and radiator to maintain a safe operating temperature. The Cummins 5473174 includes a high-quality water pump, along with any necessary gaskets and seals, for a leak-free and efficient cooling system.

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces a worn water pump to ensure proper coolant circulation and prevent engine overheating
  • Protects engine health by maintaining optimal engine temperature
  • Safeguards internal components from heat-related damage and promotes engine longevity
  • Contains all the necessary parts for a comprehensive water pump replacement, simplifying the repair process
  • Includes gaskets and seals for a perfect fit, preventing coolant leaks and maintaining optimal cooling system efficiency

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