CRIMESTOPPER part description

The Full License Plate Frame Camera Mount is designed to work exclusively with CAM 300 and CAM 400. The standard frame design will allow the frame to be mounted to most any U.S. vehicle. The frame itself is made of a high quality metal with an anti-scratch and anti oxidation built-in so you will not have to worry about the color fading. High shine Chrome metal finish.

Features & Benefits

  • Works Exclusively with CAM-300 and CAM-400
  • Full Frame Around Your License Plate
  • High Shine Chrome Metal Finish
  • Hidden Wiring

Crimestopper® is a brand under Omega Research & Development, Inc., an innovative leader in the vehicle security industry. For more than 30 years, this brand has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of only the best aftermarket auto safety and security products, featuring remote start, keyless entry systems, and the highest quality security systems for cars, trucks, and RVs. Crimestopper products provide an excellent layer of vehicle protection and convenience as well as safety for drivers and those around their vehicles. Some of the best Crimestopper aftermarket auto safety products include universal cameras, monitors, video systems, collision avoidance products that feature blind spot detection and park assist, and DVRs.

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