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Meritor Brakes and Parts for Heavy Duty Trucks

Meritor Brakes and Parts for Heavy Duty Trucks

The only thing as important as making your truck go is making sure it stops. That can be a tall order, given the size of today’s loads, the heavy traffic on our nation’s roads and the crazy maneuvers that some motorists can pull.

Whether you need to back it down because of a slowdown or an emergency stop to avoid a collision, an efficient, fully functioning brake system is crucial. This is no place to cut corners, which is why FinditParts boasts one of the world’s biggest inventories of truck and vehicle parts. Our selection of more than 9 million parts includes numerous well-known brake suppliers among its ranks.

 One worth taking a look at is Meritor. This company traces its roots back to 1909, when motorized trucks were beginning to crowd out the old-fashioned method of transportation and drayage — horses and wagons. Based in Troy, Mich., this company has grown to become a global presence. It makes brakes, drivetrain and other parts for all kinds of vehicles, including light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks as well as trailers, off-road vehicles and military equipment.

If you suspect you have problems with your brakes, you should never ignore them. Poor or lost braking could prove costly in terms of lives as well as cargo, money and time. You should always use all your senses and common sense to be on the lookout for brake trouble.

Watch your gauge’s brake warning light for alerts about problems with your vehicle’s braking system. Use your ears to listen for odd sounds, like grinding. Your sense of feel can alert you to vibrations, wobbling and other odd motions that may signal your brakes are breaking. If your brake pedal feels soft or squishy, that could signal brake problems too.

You can also sniff out problems with your brakes. If there’s a burning smell while you’re driving, pull over and check your brakes, especially if you’re going down a steep grade. Stopping your rig and letting the brakes cool could prevent a fire or something worse.

If it’s time to repair or replace your brakes, the selection of brakes and parts for heavy-duty trucks here covers just about everything anybody will need to ensure they can come to a full, safe stop. We stock brake products from many leading producers.

As a world leader in brake products, Meritor produces a variety of brakes for buses and coaches as well as trucks and trailers. Its lineup includes air disc brakes, hydraulic brakes, drum brakes and more. Affordable and effective, drum brakes offer super stopping power. They can become subject to brake fading when subjected to hard use and high heat, however.

Air disc brakes boast even better stopping power than drum brakes, and they are less prone to fading. Although they may cost a bit more than drum brakes, they resist heat better and are light and dependable. Brakes, like Meritor’s innovative B-Frame Quadraulic brakes, include wear-sensing and indicating as options and have pads that are a cinch to change. You’ll find all the Meritor brake parts you need here, including rotors, calipers, actuators, brake shoes and disc pads.

In addition to making your truck stop reliably and quickly, Meritor also produces plenty of products that will make it go dependably and efficiently. To get going, you need to get started. You can get off to smooth starts with a Meritor starting motor. The company also manufactures a complete line of drivetrain components, like drivelines engineered to reduce your operating and maintenance costs. The company got its start manufacturing axles, and it still offers innovative drive, steering and trailer axles that are lightweight and sturdy.

Meritor makes transmissions and transmission parts to ensure smooth shifting. If your clutch is slipping or making odd noises or if you find you’re grinding gears, it may be time for a clutch repair or replacement. Meritor’s got you covered here too. The company manufactures a variety of clutches and clutch kits to fit just about any rig on the road.

Although this company has a long history, it keeps up with the times. Meritor also makes all kinds of electronic aftermarket parts. These include sensors as well as parts and accessories to keep your radios and other electronic equipment working right.

Check out the Meritor reviews in the trucking forums online or talk to other truckers on the road, at the rest area or at the truck stop and compare notes. Chances are you’ll hear a lot of positive feedback about this company. After all, there’s a reason they’ve been in business for more than 100 years.

You can also email us or call us toll-free if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions. Whether you’re looking for a Meritor aftermarket part or some other brand, we’ve likely got it in our huge inventory.

And we can get it to you fast. Many of our in-stock items are available with two-day shipping. Our bulk buying allows us to pass our savings on to you, the customer. In addition, orders over $100 are eligible for free ground shipping.