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German engineering is known for being the best in the world, so when it comes to automotive tools, you can't go wrong with Mueller-Kueps. The American subsidiary of Bavarian tool manufacturer Müller-Werkzeug, Mueller-Kueps brings more than 30 years of expertise in precision hand tools to the North American market. Mueller-Kreups tools are designed with versatility, efficiency, and targeted problem-solving in mind, resulting in tasks that are done in less time without having to sacrifice quality.

Mueller-Kueps offers a wide variety of general and specialized tools, including drill bits, wheel hub grinders, pullers, and impact wrenches, among others. Each tool is designed for optimum comfort and functionality and is made of high-grade steel, aluminum, zinc, and other materials to ensure durability and reliable performance even in the toughest of conditions. Complete tool kits are also available for hassle-free maintenance and repair in a compact package. Mueller-Kueps also offers an extensive after-sales system with a highly-trained customer support network and a comprehensive repair and returns program for damaged or defective products.

Whether it's at home or at the repair shop, you can always rely on Mueller Kueps tools to help you get that repair and maintenance job done as fast and as efficiently as possible. And if you're looking to add them in your toolbox, you can get them here at FinditParts. We have a wide selection of automotive hand and power tools from Mueller Kueps at competitive prices. Check out our online catalog and find that right tool or part for your truck today.

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MUELLER KUEPS 268320 xl carbide scraper kit MUELLER KUEPS 432910 suspension wear indicator MUELLER KUEPS 277010 clip lifter 5mm half round MUELLER KUEPS 609420 universal bushing & bearing extractor and installer kit MUELLER KUEPS 650200 universal bearing ring puller MUELLER KUEPS 462002 mini ratchet pipe cutter 4.75mm MUELLER KUEPS 433 414 universal axle shaft pusher/hub puller MUELLER KUEPS 268420 quick-lock razor scraper MUELLER KUEPS 268 220 carbide scraper MUELLER KUEPS 433 507 inner rim cleaner MUELLER KUEPS 268500 pro-xnife kit MUELLER KUEPS 600 240 glow plug drill kit m10x1 MUELLER KUEPS 745 102 uni-extender type 2 MUELLER KUEPS 277 047 combi wedge hook set MUELLER KUEPS 702271 mini magnetic pick up tool orange MUELLER KUEPS 512 002 tie rod wrench MUELLER KUEPS TDEBUNDLE tool set with free tool bag MUELLER KUEPS 433700 wheel hub grinder type 3 MUELLER KUEPS 437 001 valve core tool with valve core holder MUELLER KUEPS 268405 angled chisel scraper MUELLER KUEPS 604230 3 pc. multi-function micro tool kit MUELLER KUEPS 277 011 clip lifter 11mm s-shape MUELLER KUEPS 272412 universal panel beating kit MUELLER KUEPS 512610 1/2 in. ratchet breaker bar MUELLER KUEPS 600260 5-piece glow plug brush kit MUELLER KUEPS 905080 mueller heavy duty scissors MUELLER KUEPS 277 023 3 pc. long length clip lifter set MUELLER KUEPS 277004 non-marring universal combi wedge MUELLER KUEPS 904996 led-duo lamp w/ wireless charger MUELLER KUEPS 457 705 5 pc. line wrench kit MUELLER KUEPS 609400D12 nut m12 with bearing MUELLER KUEPS 460200 brake caliper file MUELLER KUEPS 905 022 uni hook set MUELLER KUEPS 272217 flex dolly set MUELLER KUEPS 702273 mini magnetic pick up tool red MUELLER KUEPS 609400 universal bushing & bearing extractor and installer kit MUELLER KUEPS 609 399 press & pull sleeve basic kit MUELLER KUEPS 651001 spark plug & glow plug starter MUELLER KUEPS 456 550/6 brake hex bit kit MUELLER KUEPS 460202 brake caliper thin file for japanese cars MUELLER KUEPS 433100 master suspension kit MUELLER KUEPS 267400 window moulding remover MUELLER KUEPS 609400-460 universal press and pull sleeve kit w/ xl c-clamp w/ impact spindle, size2 MUELLER KUEPS 277007 plastic clip pliers MUELLER KUEPS 905070 mueller scissors with cutter MUELLER KUEPS 905 024 uni-hook-kit MUELLER KUEPS 277 008 clip lifter MUELLER KUEPS 432 600 universal press disc kit MUELLER KUEPS 433502/M wheel hub grinder type 1 MUELLER KUEPS 905007 2 pc. magnetic parts bowl neon MUELLER KUEPS 277003 removal wedge 500mm MUELLER KUEPS 433501 grinding disc, type 1, 1-1/2"kit MUELLER KUEPS 800 200 xl wheel mounting socket kit MUELLER KUEPS 745101 wrench extender type 1 MUELLER KUEPS 600 248 glow plug drill kit, m8x1 MUELLER KUEPS 600130 uni-injector puller kit MUELLER KUEPS 462040 brake line straightener MUELLER KUEPS 702270 flexible magnetic pick up tool MUELLER KUEPS 432650 universal press support MUELLER KUEPS 609400S12 spindle m12 without nut MUELLER KUEPS 244 805 spot welding drill bits 5-pack MUELLER KUEPS 810700 xs-stubby impact socket kit 10-24mm MUELLER KUEPS 277009 clip lifter 7mm MUELLER KUEPS 433618 8 point type 2 wheel hub grinder for wheels with studs MUELLER KUEPS 609033 ball joint separator kit MUELLER KUEPS 277 015 5 pc. clip lifter set