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About Haltec

Haltec has established itself as a company that fleet owners, commercial vehicle operators, and heavy duty truck drivers can trust when it comes to reliable tire solutions for every terrain. Over the past four decades, it has been the leading supplier of tire management and inflation solutions for the trucking industry. Each Haltec product has successfully lived up to customer expectations and consistently passed strict quality standards and OE specifications.

Headquartered in Leetonia, Ohio, Haltec takes pride in its comprehensive range of specialized tire valve systems, including its newest product innovations—the Full-Flo and Super Large Bore valve designs. These latest additions provided the tire industry with unique products that help achieve decreased downtime, more efficient tire management, and faster flow rates. Haltec also introduced the Mega Bore Tire Valve System in response to the increasing size of mining and construction tires. This system is the perfect solution as it has a flow rate that is twenty-five times faster than large bore valves.

All Haltec products are designed and developed by the company’s experienced and dedicated team of on-site engineers and custom designers from its ISO 9001/2000-certified facility. Despite its continued success, Haltec remains committed to leading the tire valve industry through great-quality products, innovative and technologically advanced processes, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. It is focused on continuously developing and manufacturing new tire valves and accessories in response to changing customers’ needs.

Haltec Parts

Haltec Corporation uses numerous state-of-the-art automatic CNC turning machines in the manufacture of its tire valve systems and other products. And to meet today's ever-changing performance and design requirements, the company must improve its manufacturing techniques and testing processes to ensure only the best quality Haltec parts come out of its assembly line. Currently, with its complete range of innovative tire valves and tire-related accessories, Haltec serves various OEM and replacement markets, including off-highway vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, mining/construction/forestry equipment, light trucks, and buses.

Haltec Product Systems

Whether you need standard, large, super large, Z-bore, and mega bore valve systems, Haltec has got you covered. Under the standard bore valve system product line, you can find clamp-in valves, einky valves, high-pressure tubeless tire valves, metric rim hole valves, screw-on repair valves, screw-in & chrome sleeve tire valves, specialty valves, truck and bus valves, and o-ring and grommet seal valves. If what you need are single-bend & double-bend swivel valves, spuds, air-liquid valves, large bore extensions, turret valves, large-bore screw-on valves, and triple-bend valves, then you may have to look from the large bore valve system product category.

For the super large bore valve systems, the products included are angle connectors, cleaners, extensions, inflators, spuds, tools, valve core housings, and valves. You can find the same products under the Z-bore and mega bore valve systems, only that they have varying specifications, so be sure to check the options to find the part that best meets your vehicle requirements.

Haltec Product Types

Haltec offers a comprehensive range of products, and this is categorized under different product types. There are over 20 product types in Haltec’s catalog, which include the following:

  • Air/Liquid Valves
  • Couplers & Nipples
  • Grommets, Hex Nuts, & Washers
  • Inflator Systems
  • Large Bore Tools
  • Digital & Dial Gauges
  • Hydraulic Jack/Equipment
  • Valve Cores, Caps, & Adapters
  • Wheel Nuts
  • Valve Extensions

All these Haltec parts are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and customer requirements at competitive prices.

Commercial Fleet Solutions

For commercial fleet owners and managers, Haltec provides a complete tire valve and inflation program designed specifically for the fleet’s unique needs.

Automatic Tire Inflators

Maintaining properly inflated tires with accuracy and high speed is made easy with Haltec’s automatic tire inflators. The 89MTIS Series, for one, is designed to inflate one to five wheels simultaneously with 0.3 PSI accuracy. Here are the features and benefits of all Haltec automatic tire inflators:

  • Can be mounted and hardwires to mobile service trucks
  • Confirm calibration every time they are powered on and every six minutes when at idle
  • Available in 12V, 120V, or 240V
  • Made with die-cast aluminum housing for maximum protection and durability
  • Automatically inflate or deflate to target PSI when attached to tire position
  • IP66 rating for complete weather protection
  • Can be programmed to specific PSI parameters for consistent and accurate tire inflation
  • Nitrogen compatible and must be operated with specified Haltec air chucks

Tire Valves and Flow-Through Cap

Haltec’s tire valves and flow-through cap are manufactured following stringent quality control standards for maximum efficiency and performance. For your demountable and non-demountable rims, you may use Haltec’s straight clamp-in valves. Bent valve stems are also made available for .625" diameter valve holes.

Meanwhile, for high-pressure truck tire service, you may opt for the Haltec DS-1 flow-through valve cap. This double seal valve cap is designed to seal like a high-pressure valve cap but offers the convenience of an inflate-through extension. It also works like a check valve that ensures the seal is tighter in case of a core failure. It comes with heat-resistant grommets, all-metal housing, precision-fit brass components, and a durable self-sealing O-ring.

Gauges and Air Chucks

Haltec’s air chucks are designed mainly to secure the tire valve stem for tire pressure maintenance and inflation. These are sold as attachments for your existing tire inflators, air compressor hoses, and tire pressure gauges.

The Haltec “Easy Lock” air chuck, for one, provides an easy seal and a tight lock on the first try. It is designed to improve the seal on DS-1 flow-through caps, and it is made with hardened steel pins for extended service life. Available open or closed, this air chuck provides extended reach for dual wheels.

Featured Products (view all)

HALTEC MNCSTBL alcoa stabilizer fits alcoa wheel size: monaco coach HALTEC DS-1 double seal valve cap - 7/8 in., high pressure HALTEC SFE-400-10 metal braided extension 10" HALTEC TV-555D* grommet seal valve - for aluminum truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC QS-500 quickstem valve - 2" straight, fits 5/8” (.625) valve hole HALTEC TV-554D* grommet seal valve - for alcoa truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC OR-451-TA HALTEC OR-325-T 25" HALTEC 51025 quick valve change tool HALTEC TV-543E alcoa o-ring seal valve HALTEC H-78 lug nut covers for 16" & 19" wheels HALTEC GL-2939 flange nut - grade 8, black finish, m22-1 1/2 inner thread, 33mm hex size, 39mm sleeve length, for use on dual aluminum, for aluminum wheels; sleeve nut HALTEC IN-20 automatic tire inflation system accessories for 89mxa (red), 89mda (grey) & 89xda (blue) (single tire) HALTEC OR-325-TS 25" high temp orange o-ring HALTEC 70 MS-7* aluminum wheel valve - with grommet seal, fits 9.7mm valve hole, bend 7 degree HALTEC CH-355-LO standard bore reverse angle lock-on air chuck HALTEC H-5265 standard bore air chuck HALTEC 8807N-4 valve cap adapter - large bore valve down to standard bore HALTEC CH-333-LO standard bore lock-on air chuck 14" HALTEC 088104 HALTEC 377 air chuck - long, lock-on, 0 to 200 psi HALTEC 139698 flange nut - 27mm hex size, 22mm height, grade 8, phosphate and oil finish, for alcoa wheels, low profile HALTEC TV-218R tractor & grader tube valve assembly HALTEC TV-545D o-ring seal valves for aluminum truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC GL-4009 oil seal hubcap - with gasket, standard, 6-hole HALTEC 001402 front hub cover for 30mm and 33mm HALTEC GL-18000 discmate wheel protector - for alcoa 10 hole hub pilot & wheels using 32mm sleeved cap nut HALTEC H-22 hug-a-lug for 33 mm hex flange nuts HALTEC A-100-VC-3 metal dome valve cap HALTEC QS-430 1 3/16" replacement tire valve stem HALTEC GA-255 large bore swivel foot gauge HALTEC N-1420H truck tread depth gauge HALTEC N-1610 large bore core tool HALTEC CH-350-LO tire chuck reverse angle - 6 in., standard bore, lock-on air chuck HALTEC H-556 high-pressure inflating connection HALTEC HX-24 wheel shield HALTEC HE-381 std bore metal extension 3 1/1 HALTEC H-523MS light alloy valve used on racing & light alloy wheels HALTEC FP-137 standard valve core remover HALTEC HE-393A truck valve extension long collar - extremely lightweight aluminum HALTEC GL-2301 flange nut - 2-piece, grade 8, phosphate and oil finish, m22-1 1/2 inner thread, m33 hex size, m32 height, for uni-mount 10-hole systems HALTEC TV-572F-19 tr-572 with 31 degree bend HALTEC TC-70 radial tire bead seater for truck tires 22.5" and 24.5" rims HALTEC H-2125 alcoa stabilizer fits alcoa wheel size: 19.5" HALTEC TV-553* grommet seal valve - for alcoa truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC CH-330-LO dual foot lock-on chuck HALTEC N-1600 for ford "f" series trucks with dual wheels HALTEC GA-240 large bore straight pencil gauge HALTEC TV-416 standard bore clamp-in valve HALTEC TV-416MC ford "f" series trucks with dual wheels HALTEC OR-215-H 15" HALTEC GL-3004 spoke wheel hardware rim clamp nut - 5/8-11 HALTEC HE-382 std bore metal extension 5 1/1 HALTEC TV-544D o-ring seal valves for aluminum truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC TV-573A tubeless valve HALTEC TV-618A air liquid valve HALTEC TV-553E* grommet seal valve - for alcoa truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC GL-6115 mobile home rim clamp - universal HALTEC HE-392 truck valve extension long 1" - lightweight HALTEC A-100-VC-2 metal screwdriver valve cap for removing valve cores HALTEC GA-155S-RCL dual foot truck service gauge HALTEC HE-343 air-flexx extension for inner dual tires 5 11/16" HALTEC TV-543D o-ring seal valves for aluminum truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC TV-412 rubber snap-in valve HALTEC A-100-VC-1 standard bore heat-resistant core for cars, trucks and busses. HALTEC TV-801-HP high pressure tubeless tire valve 1 1/4" for .625" valve hole HALTEC AMG-4 standard bore double bend turret valve HALTEC OR-325-TA 25" o-ring arctic HALTEC WH-45-4 large bore single bend swivel valve HALTEC ES-308 8" easy lock air chuck with 15° reverse angle (open) HALTEC H-2755 high-pressure inflating connection HALTEC GL-6030 shackle bolt - 9/16 x 3" HALTEC LBTK-1 large bore tool kit HALTEC H-2245 alcoa stabilizer fits alcoa wheel size: 24.5" HALTEC OR-345-T 45" HALTEC R-520 super large bore core housing complete with core and a-149 cap (tr-ch-8) HALTEC GL-2928 flange nut - grade 8, black finish, m22-1 1/2 inner thread, 33mm hex size, 28mm sleeve length, heavy duty, aluminum, for use on super single - wide base, aluminum outer/steel inner - drives, for aluminum wheels; sleeve nut HALTEC GL-8525 wheel guard - 8 hole, 6 1/2 in. bolt circle, 5 1/4 in. i.d., for ford trucks using 5/8 in. diameter studs HALTEC GL-3002 spoke wheel hardware rim stud - grade 8, 3/4-10 x 3 in. HALTEC A-145 large bore valve core for in-80a HALTEC GL-2002 outer cap nut - lh, standard, for dual mounted wheels, grade 8, yellow dichromate finish, 1 1/8"-16 outer thread, 1 1/2 in. inner thread, 7/8 in. overall length HALTEC CH-346 standard bore long reach straight lock-on air chuck HALTEC 753S-10 large bore hand-bendable extension HALTEC OR-349-T 49" HALTEC 139987 flange nut - 9/16", 2-pieces HALTEC H-2247 alcoa stabilizer fits alcoa wheel size: 24.5" HALTEC TL-685 standard and large bore core installation tool HALTEC HE-344 air-flexx extension for inner dual tires 7 1/4" HALTEC ATG9755 5-in-1 inspection gauge HALTEC GL-2919 flange nut - grade 8, black finish, m22-1 1/2 inner thread, 33mm hex size, 19mm sleeve length, aluminum, steers, for use on steel/steel- drives, steel outer/aluminum inner - drives, for aluminum wheels; sleeve nut HALTEC 89HKC-24M automatic tire inflation system accessories for 89xdb (yellow) & 89xdz (red) HALTEC 90 MS-27 metric rim hole valve (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC GL-2906 flange nut - grade 8, black finish, m22-1 1/2 inner thread, 33mm hex size, 6mm sleeve length, for use on steel-steers, for aluminum wheels; sleeve nut HALTEC G-550 grommet HALTEC 10013 large bore screw-on chuck HALTEC R-525 super large bore swivel angle connector HALTEC HE-340 air-flexx extension for steer & single wheels with hubcaps 2 15/16" HALTEC 127393 stabilizer & extension kit: h-2127 (2) + he-393 (2) HALTEC TV-545 o-ring seal valves for aluminum truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC PT-Gauge pressure tap air gauge for off road valves HALTEC WH-300-J-650 large bore single bend swivel valve HALTEC FP-140 stem HALTEC ZBR-0664 pc0664 komatsu extension for z-bore valve system (old style) HALTEC TV-400 tank valve HALTEC TV-413 rubber snap-in valve HALTEC HE-4430 4" e.l. long collar HALTEC TV-500A tubeless truck valve HALTEC TV-6008 tractor front wheel valve low profile valve brass finish HALTEC TV-413 CH chrome sleeve valve HALTEC HUT-1 standard bore custom bend turret valve HALTEC 307 urethane tire filling gun HALTEC CO-101 1/4" male coupler HALTEC WH-45-2 1/2 large bore single bend swivel valve HALTEC TV-414 snap-in tire valve 1 1/2" for .453 valve hole HALTEC TV-552* grommet seal valve - for alcoa truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC TV-555E* grommet seal valve - for alcoa truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC TV-572A tubeless valve HALTEC FP-142 stem sealing nut HALTEC HE-393 truck valve extension long 1" - lightweight HALTEC GL-2900 flange nut - grade 8, black finish, m22-1 1/2 inner thread, 33mm hex size, 35mm sleeve length, for aluminum wheels; skirt nut, for use on all style m22 flange nuts on hub-piloted wheels HALTEC A-148 screwdriver valve cap. fits .482-26 valve threads. HALTEC TV-418 snap-in tire valve 2" for .453 valve hole HALTEC TV-501A tubeless truck valve HALTEC TV-553C* grommet seal valve - for alcoa truck wheels (9.7mm valve hole) HALTEC TV-574A tubeless truck valve HALTEC GA-190-1 tire tread depth gauge HALTEC CH-350-LO-1 dual foot air chuck w/thd. nut HALTEC AHP-20 pump with 5 qt. reservoir - plastic HALTEC H-4660A clip-on air chuck HALTEC OR-349-TA HALTEC TR545E valve stem - tire HALTEC HE-373 truck valve extension short 3/8" - lightweight HALTEC HE-389 truck valve extension long 1" - straight metal HALTEC TV-415 snap-in tire valve 1 1/4" for .625 valve hole HALTEC TV-575A tubeless truck valve HALTEC TV-618B air liquid valves for tractor & road grader service HALTEC TV-600-HP hi-prs valv 1-1/4" HALTEC TV-CH-3 core housing HALTEC ITR573C tbls.truck/bus clamp-in valve HALTEC T-30 rim hole plug HALTEC H-188 screw on nut cover HALTEC AJ-106 10 ton hydraulic ram HALTEC H-2126 alcoa stabilizer fits alcoa wheel size: 19.5" HALTEC GL-1011 inner cap nut - rh, grade 8.2, yellow dicromate finish, 1 1/8"-16 outer thread, 3/4"-16 inner thread, 3 1/16 in. overall length, for steel/aluminum wheels, for dual aluminum wheels HALTEC TV-571A tubeless valve HALTEC CH-330-LO-1 air chuck w/thd nut HALTEC GA-165-1 black dual foot service gauge HALTEC GA-155-1 dual chuck service gauge 30 dg HALTEC CH-360OP-1 solid brass lock on chuck HALTEC ES-305 12" easy lock extended air chuck, straight (closed) Browse more...

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