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A-1 CARDONE A/C Vacuum Pump

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A1 CARDONE—also known as CARDONE Industries or just CARDONE—is an American manufacturer of automotive pieces, parts, and hardware. At the company's headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, CARDONE manufactures parts for a variety of applications and is best known for its brake parts, drivetrain components, and exhaust systems.

CARDONE Industries was founded back in 1970 based out of a North Philadelphia storefront. At first, the company only manufactured a single item (windshield wiper motors) and had a small team of only seven workers. Over the next decade, CARDON expanded exponentially, growing to 10 operating plants from East Coast to West Coast. By 1985, CARDON's product catalog expanded to match its ever-increasing manufacturing capabilities.

Today, CARDONE has an even larger number of locations and is constantly developing newer and better ways to manufacture parts. Through the use of servant leadership, the brand's managers and executives lead by serving their employees, putting the employees at the center of the decision-making process. This has led to CARDONE's reputation as a great place to work in the automotive design and manufacturing industries.

CARDONE now manufactures products in nine distinct categories: Brakes; Drivetrain; Electrical; Electronics; Engine; Fuel, Air, and Exhaust; Motors; Steering; and Suspension. Each of these categories can also be further broken down into a long list of subcategories, such as accelerator pedal sensors and drive motor batteries.

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