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Sure Power is a newcomer to the world of automotive design. Whereas many other companies were founded in the early and mid-1900s, Sure Power didn't arrive on the scene until 1994.

Sure Power was founded with the goal in mind of creating uninterruptible power systems (UPS) devices. That includes batteries and other electronic components intended for use powering a variety of different applications. Although the company doesn't have a long history of so many other manufacturers, it matches or exceeds the technological innovation of many different producers when it comes to the creation of batteries and other power systems.

This company is a fast-growing up-and-comer in the world of electric vehicles, batteries, and other power systems. It is also one of the largest worldwide distributors of battery products from C&D Technologies, Enersys, and East Penn Manufacturing. Not only does the company produce and distribute a wide variety of products, but it also provides services such as certified installation technicians, emergency repair services, testing, sizing, and certified battery disposal to protect you and your environment from hazardous chemicals.

We carry just under 100 different options for batteries and other power systems from Sure Power. Each piece, part, or hardware brings with it its unique pros and cons. But since there are so many different products to chose from, it's incredibly easy to find one that matches your required specifications, which makes compatibility less of an issue than with many other brands and producers.