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VDO is an acronym for Vereinigte DEUTA — Ota. VDO is a world-famous German brand best known for the production of automobile gauges and gauge accessories. The company also produces various pieces, parts, and hardware covering the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of gauges as well, marking its territory among the most well-known aftermarket gauge brands from the 1900s.

The history of VDO is a complicated one. The brand first came to be in 1929 as the result of a merger between DEUTA and OTA, two other German companies. VDO quickly began streamlining the gauge-production capabilities of the newly created company, creating products over the next few decades that would cement the brand's position among the best of the 20th century.

In 1991, Mannessmann acquired VDO for use as the company's division of gauges and gauge components. Only a few short years later, in 1999, Mannessmann itself became a part of Vodafone, at which point VDO was put up for sale. In 2000, Siemens AG — the largest engineering company in all of Germany — purchased VDO and rebranded it Siemens VDO, a label that persists today.

Finding original VDO products for older vehicles can be quite a hassle, since many of them were discontinued with each merger and acquisition. However, the brand's massive, international distribution network and partnerships with companies like FindItParts makes that process easier.

We carry nearly 400 different VDO products covering just about every gauge and gauge component requirement that truckers, repairpeople, or technicians could ever need.