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As the brand's name suggests, WIX Filters is an aftermarket manufacturer specializing in the production of filters. These filters service a variety of applications and industries, including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucking. Over the company's lengthy history, it has amassed a sizable following among truckers, repairpeople, and technicians around the world and strong reputation as an industry-leader.

WIX Filters was founded in 1939 with a simple goal in mind: to produce better filters for the transportation industry. This is a goal that has remained unchanged to date. After expanding the company's distribution and manufacturing capabilities, the brand further expanded its product catalogue, providing a major boost to its products utility and versatility.

Today, WIX Filters continues to innovate, design, and redesign filters both new and old in its pursuit of the perfect filter. That pursuit involves rigorous in-house testing requirements, a significant reliance on the skill and talent of its engineers, and a commitment to providing customer care as high-quality as its parts.

Part of what has enabled WIX Filters to earn the reputation that it currently enjoys is the ability of its filters to remove a consistently large volume of contaminants — including dirt, water, rust, etc. — from their relevant systems.

We at FindItParts have narrowed down a handful of WIX Filters's best products into three distinct categories in order to make finding the right part as easy as possible. These categories are air filters, fuel filters, and lube filters.