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Ancra is an industry-leading producer of towing solutions and the pieces, parts, and hardware that make those solutions possible. Ancra is one of USA Cargo Control's largest competitors within the United States and has a diverse history that helps to explain why.

Ancra specializes in cargo control, but that doesn't mean that the company only produces one thing. Instead, Ancra manufactures a wide array of different products intended for use in just as wide an array of different applications. Whether you're looking for a towing hitch for your four-wheel-drive pickup or a tie-down to help secure your heavy-duty load, Ancra produces something to help with just that.

We carry Ancra parts across four major sub-categories in the overall category of towing and cargo control. Those sub-categories are other towing and cargo control, safety chains and accessories, straps and tie downs, and trailer tie-down hardware. Each of these four sub-categories includes a wide variety of items intended for use in multiple different industries.

Ancra produces cargo control equipment for heavy-duty cargo, consumer and industrial cargo, military cargo, and even miscellaneous engineering supports. Ancra products are produced to meet or exceed the requirements for use by the United States and its allies in just about any possible military application. That includes land, sea, and air. Wherever a product is going, Ancra's specialized team of engineers has worked tirelessly to create a product capable of taking it there.