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About Ancra

Fleet owners and commercial vehicle operators know that things can go wrong—from severe damage to items and container walls to loss of goods and accidents resulting in injuries—if they don't secure their heavy-duty cargo properly. That is why they equip their vehicles with high-quality and long-lasting heavy-duty cargo control products from Ancra. This company is fully committed to delivering the very best in cargo securement across the globe. Such commitment allows the highly skilled and experienced people behind this brand to continue to strive harder to meet and exceed customers' expectations and further shape the industry for the better.

Ancra Cargo's origins can be traced back to 1969, when the company was built to help improve safety and security in material handling for the airline industry. Over the years, the company has grown immensely to deliver cargo securement products for the airline industry and every market segment that relies heavily on moving quantities of cargo. During its 50th anniversary celebration, it took the time to reminisce and appreciate its progress, saying that it preferred to look forward to the future and continue to play critical roles in shaping the part of safety and efficiency in cargo management.

Today, Ancra remains an industry leader in load securement innovation. Its comprehensive product lines include a vast array of cargo restraint and handling products for flatbed and interior van applications. Security of your load means everything for Ancra. So, its team of engineers works closely with customers to find solutions to diverse cargo handling challenges.

Ancra Parts

Ancra uses only the highest-quality materials and components in manufacturing all Ancra parts for superior performance, lasting durability, and maximum reliability. From high-density polymer to high-strength carbon alloy steel, this brand ensures you get to use its products for a long time. Not only that, Ancra's metal products are available in a variety of finishes—such as powder coat and its own X-Treme Zinc finish—so you can rely on these products for years since they provide high-performance resistance to rust and corrosion.

Winch Straps

Winch straps are an effective and most reliable means of securing loads on a flatbed truck. They are popular amongst the professional trucking industry because they are found to be more affordable than the traditional ratchet straps. They can also secure some of the heaviest and oddly shaped cargo better, and they are highly responsive, meaning they can create a versatile, extremely durable, and heavy-duty load securement within minutes. Ancra offers a wide range of these products to help maximize your efficiency and bottom line. Ancra winch straps use heavy-duty, wear and weather-resistant, latex-treated polyester webbing for extreme durability even when used under the most demanding flatbed operation conditions. They also come with strong, dependable hardware, so they are guaranteed to hold your cargo securely when driving.

Ratchet Strap Assemblies

Ratchet straps may not sound like a big deal, but they play a critical role in securing and holding cargoes of different weights, sizes, and shapes while being transported. They are used to fasten and secure cargo and equipment during transport either by air, land, or sea, making them an effective health and safety item to keep loads from falling off the vehicle until they reach their destination. Ancra has also got you covered when you decide to invest in top-quality ratchet strap assemblies. Each Ancra ratchet strap is made with wear and weather-resistant, latex-treated polyester webbing with durable hardware to meet the demanding conditions of flatbed operations. If you want one with added coating, you can choose from the X-Treme line of ratchet straps. Xtreme ratchet straps are made with a special weave construction and added coating for increased strength retention and reduced water absorption.

Tie-Down Straps

Ancra tie-down straps are strong, durable, and dependable methods of securing cars and trucks. They come in various types, lengths, and strengths, so there’s always one that best fits your vehicle requirements. Just like the Ancra winch straps and ratchet straps, these tie-down straps are also made from strong, latex-treated polyester webbing for superior durability and come with sturdy buckles and hardware for added reliability. They undergo stringent abrasion testing for quality and performance, so you can rest easy that your load is secured for the long haul. Popular options under this product category are the axle tie-down straps, winch tie-down straps, and ratchet tie-down straps. All these straps will hold up use after use for years down the road.

Flatbed Accessories

To complement and accentuate the efficiency and versatility of other tie-down tools and assemblies, Ancra offers a large selection of flatbed accessories. These accessories are also made using premium-quality materials for superior performance and durability. And since they bear the trusted Ancra name, you can be confident that your cargo will be secure for the long haul. Some of the accessories that you can find from this product line are corner protectors, replacement hooks for tarp ties, nylon sleeve web protectors, web winders for straps, corner guards, rope reels, coil racks, wire hooks, and oversize load banners.

Attachment Hardware

Ancra's strap options all come with attachment hardware to effectively secure cargoes while in transport. But because of their crucial function, they can wear out or get damaged after some time. When this happens, you can always get replacement attachment hardware from Ancra. This product category includes an assortment of high-quality, corrosion-resistance, and durable chain hardware, bolt plates, hooks, rings, chain anchors, and track fittings. All these are made using heat-treated materials and finished with optional corrosion-resistant plating or vinyl coating to stand up against the elements and harsh conditions of trailer operations. They are also rigorously tested to meet exacting standards for a precise fit and functionality.

Featured Products (view all)

ANCRA 43565-157 c track bottom mount slider winch ANCRA 43565-157-RW web winch-bottom mount-std. slider - ratcheting winch ANCRA 41660-10-27 3"x27' strap w/41766-18 flat hook ANCRA 49207-137-XZ winch double l slider standard - x-treme zinc plated (qty 1) ANCRA 50451-11 corner protector placement tool ANCRA 41659-15-27 2" by 27' winch strap with chain & hook ANCRA 49716-10 porta winch ANCRA 43579-20 web winch-side mount-low profile ANCRA 49207-137 web winch - double l track slider standard ANCRA 40386-11 rope tie off-series e (sprig actuated fitting) 1,000 lb. wll ANCRA 43795-11-27 4"x27' strap w/41631-12 delta ring ANCRA 40065-12 flat hook, vinyl--1" - 333 lb. wll ANCRA 45801-10 winders ANCRA 20-ENR2x8 2" x 8' green endless rnd sling ANCRA 43887-10 mini ratchet strap--1"x16'-display packaged ANCRA 44587-10 ratchet buckle--2"- 3,666 lb. wll -long wide handle ANCRA 49020-20 6' auto tiedown strap w/ snap hooks ANCRA 43887-11 mini ratchet strap--1"x20'-display packaged ANCRA 49584-10 plastic corner protector ANCRA 50089-12 x-treme corner guards - 12" x 8" x 8" - made in the usa ANCRA SL48 mini cam buckle lashing strap - 2 pack ANCRA 95005 4pk, strap assy--1"-ratchet buckle-10' w/vinyl s-hooks ANCRA 500-C10-BK 2" x 10' car tie down sw2 bk ANCRA 14-10792 strap ANCRA 49207-137-RW winch double l slider standard - ratcheting winch ANCRA 50019-22 slip hooks g70 - zinc plated - with safety latch, 3/8", 5,250 lbs. wll ANCRA 47772-12 series e articulated track fitting - 1,000 lb. wll ANCRA 45982-19 2" x 27' ratchet strap w/40758-11 snap hooks ANCRA 42313-12 tapered and angled combination winch bar / binder ANCRA 49021-22 series e hd ratchet buckle strap-20' ANCRA 43565-127-RW web winch-bottom mount-deep storage slider - ratcheting winch ANCRA 49207-187-XZ winch double l slider lo pro - x-treme zinc plated ANCRA 50391-10 deluxe web winder ANCRA 44102-11 "h2" hook ANCRA 43795-15-27 4"x27' strap w/43366-14 chain anchor ANCRA 50193-30-72.00 72.00 standard single trk ANCRA 30AS21-BL 21" axle strap-sw2 - bl ANCRA 49894-15 oversize load sign w/bungees, 18"x84" ANCRA 49454-11 rubber rope-3/8" solid core -- 150' roll ANCRA 50019-13 slip hooks g70 - zinc plated - no latch, 1/2", 9,000 lbs. wll ANCRA 50430-10 magnetic flag holder ANCRA 50412-102 clevis kit ANCRA 50092-10 ez winder ANCRA 48672-13 e-series ratchet tie down strap - 12 feet x 2 in. width ANCRA 43795-10-30 4"x30' strap w/flat hook ANCRA 49893-17 18" x 18" red flag w/wire - jersey ANCRA 49242-10-120 winch track - 10' aluminum double l ANCRA 50140-10 ez binder - ratcheting load binder - 5/16" ANCRA 45982-11 30' strap w/ flat hook ANCRA 48672-14 e series ratchet tie down strap - 16 feet length x 2 in. width ANCRA 41030-12 cam buckle--1" - 166 lb. wll replaces 41030-10 ANCRA 40602-17 ® series e & a cargo control cam strap assembly - 12'l - spring actuated fitting ANCRA 49789-10-120.00 low profile double l ANCRA 48117-21-60.00 e-track, galvanized ANCRA 43565-14 winch - slider w/washers ANCRA 43563-10-RW web winch-bottom mount-std - ratcheting winch ANCRA 49439-10 shoring bar, f series-round ANCRA 43564-127 web winch-bottom mount-std. storage portable w/2ss ANCRA 47970-11 30' ratchet strap w/40891-18 flat hooks ANCRA 44340-11 strap assy--1"-ratchet buckle-10' w/wire hooks ANCRA 49894-12 14" x 72" wide oversized load banner w/ 4 ropes ANCRA 49893-14 18" x 18" pvc coated orange flag w/ grommets ANCRA 49893-12 18" x 18" red flag w/ grommets ANCRA 41659-15-30 2" by 30' winch strap with chain & hook ANCRA 41660-10-30 3"x30' strap w/41766-18 flat hook ANCRA 43488-20 combo winch-side mount-low profile ANCRA 40065-10 flat hook--1" - 333 lb. wll ANCRA 96148 woven wire stretcher ANCRA 49015-18 18" door pull strap ANCRA 49706-10 standard sliding w track winch w/ clip ANCRA 43795-90-30 4" x 30' w/41766-18 flat hook ANCRA 42195-11 cam buckle--1" - 500 lb. wll replaces 42195-10 ANCRA 40467-33-144 alum air/seat style trk ANCRA 47105-11 ratchet buckle--2"- 3,666 lb. wll -short wide handle ANCRA 95004 4 pk, strap assy--1"-cam buckle-8' w/vinyl s-hooks ANCRA 49345-10 floor chain tiedown - welded ANCRA 49439-20 shoring bar, f series-square ANCRA 42098-12 corner protector--4"-rubber ANCRA 4941415 standard beam 95"-105" ANCRA 96149 fencing wire stretcher ANCRA 45982-11-30-WK 2" x 30' ratchet strap w/40891-18 flat hooks, with web keeper buckle ANCRA 41338-10 attaching pin (al. beam) ANCRA 49723-10 ratchet cap ANCRA 42357-21 winch track-6' aluminum ANCRA 49207-187-RW winch double l slider lo pro - ratcheting winch ANCRA 49207-273-XZ 3-bar double l slider winch - x-treme zinc plated ANCRA 49246-10-BP slider winch ANCRA 49414-21 aftermarket captive style beam - 97.3" - 108.8" ANCRA 43795-90-27 4" x 27' w/41766-18 flat hook ANCRA 49021-31 series e hd tlr ratchet buckle strap-16' ANCRA 40838-10 series e vertical track (grey) 10' ANCRA 49756-10 steel corner protector ANCRA 49347-34 4" x 33" fixed end strap ANCRA 40880-22 cam buckle--1"- 600 lb. wll ANCRA XH8005-12PB single stud o-track fitting ANCRA 49360-13 decking/shoring beam steel series e-103" long ANCRA 47934-11 wheel dolly strap - 2" x 86" with round ring ANCRA 49344-12 coil rack - heavy duty ANCRA 50193-10-72-TP s-track (representative image) ANCRA 50089-48 x-treme corner guards - 48" x 8" x 8" - made in the usa ANCRA 41659-13-27 2" by 27' winch strap with wire hook ANCRA 41659-11-30 2"x30' strap w/40978-11 delta ring ANCRA 41660-14-30 3"x30' strap w/43366-14 chain anchor ANCRA 43795-11-30 4"x30' winch strap w/delta triang ANCRA 49207-127 web winch - double l track storage slider ANCRA 43564-147 web winch-bottom mount-std. portable w/2ss ANCRA 49893-16 18" x 18" red flag w/pole - jersey ANCRA 49893-18 18" x 18" orange flag w/wire - vinyl mesh ANCRA 20-ENR5x20 5" x 20' red endless rnd sling ANCRA 52221GL epdm tarp tie-50 per box 21" -65 boxes per skid ANCRA 47235-10 series f channel- 10' (1" hole spacing) ANCRA 50194-100 low profile sleeve nut & bolt kit ANCRA 41659-10-27 2"x27' strap w/40891-18 flat hook ANCRA 41696-10 cable winch-end mount-rh ANCRA 43563-10 winch wll:5,500lbs. complies w/dot and ca chp regs ANCRA 43564-167 web winch-side mount-low profile portable w/2ss ANCRA 49893-19 18" x 18" orange flag w/wire - jersey ANCRA 50412-100 clevis kit ANCRA 96140 10" fence pliers ANCRA 49894-11 18" x 84" wide oversized load banner w/ 2 ropes ANCRA 41659-10-30 2"x30' strap w/40891-18 flat hook ANCRA 45982-10 2"x27' ratchet strap w/flat hooks ANCRA 43795-10-27 4"x27" strap ANCRA 43795-13-30 4"x30' strap w/half twisted loop ANCRA 43795-15-30 4" wide x 30' long ratchet strap - chain anchor ANCRA 48672-15 ® series e & a cargo control ratchet strap - 20'l - spring actuated fitting ANCRA 40602-18 e-strap wll:830 lbs., polyester webbing ANCRA 40602-19 series e strap assy-1 pc end - 20' ANCRA 43573-10 web winch-bottom mount-std. storage ANCRA 43565-137 web winch-bottom mount- slid ANCRA 43564-147-RW web winch-bottom mount-std. portable w/2ss - ratcheting winch ANCRA 49893-15 18" x 18" red flag w/pole - cotton ANCRA 48922-12 4 x 18" strap w/ 41766-18 flat hook & loop ANCRA XH8006-12PB double stud o-track fitting ANCRA 49893-10 18" x 18" safety flag & wooden dowel ANCRA 41659-11-27 2"x27' strap w/40978-11 delta ring ANCRA 41691-10 web winch-frameless ANCRA 50434-10 warning safety triangles, dot kit w/ 3 folding triangles ANCRA 48487-24 2" x 140" car hauler strap c/w cleats & wire hook ANCRA 45982-34 2" x 30' ratchet strap w/43366-21 chain anchors ANCRA 49894-10 18" x 84" wide oversized load banner w/ 4 ropes ANCRA 49893-13 18" x 18" pvc coated orange flag & wooden dowel ANCRA 49893-11 18" x 18" cotton flag with steel rod ANCRA 41659-13-30 2" by 30' winch strap with wire hook ANCRA 47970-10 27' ratchet strap w/40891-18 flat hooks ANCRA 41660-14-27 3"x27' strap w/43366-12 chain anchor ANCRA 41696-11 cable winch-end mount-lh ANCRA 41681-10 combo winch-bottom mount-std ANCRA 41659-16-30 2"x30' strap for winch to winch applications ANCRA 43565-127 web winch-bottom mount-deep storage slider Browse more...

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