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Luber-finer is a manufacturer based out of California. Founded in 1936, the company has grown to have five unique locations around the world, capable of servicing thousands of truckers, repairmen, and technicians in multiple countries spanning several continents.

The company got its start by developing pieces, parts, and hardware for professional racers. After the outbreak of World War II, things began to change. However, the company's high-quality parts made it possible for the Luber-finer brand to persevere until 1979, at which point the brand was absorbed into Champion Laboratories.

The racing legacy that created Luber-finer is one that continues today. Champion Laboratories is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive pieces, parts, and hardware in the world and the Luber-finer brand has ample access to its parent company's worldwide distribution and service networks.

Luber-finer exists today as the filtration wing of Champion Laboratories. This brand produces a wide variety of parts and accessories designed to help any trucker or racer meet their filtration needs, including both aftermarket products as well as products designed specifically for use by original equipment manufacturers. The engineers at Luber-finer have designed their filters to meet a variety of needs depending on the application. Those applications include all personal automotive needs, on-road trucking, off-road trucks and vehicles, marine, mining, agricultural, and oil and gas management.

The versatility of the Luber-finer brand is part of what has enabled it to persevere throughout all of the years of booms and busts in the economy. Regardless of what kind of filter your project needs, you can rest easy knowing that Luber-finer has something that you can use.