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If you are a fleet manager, you need to have a sound fleet maintenance system in place. Regardless of the number of trucks or commercial vehicles you manage, following a maintenance regimen helps you spot problems early on, so you can deal with them before they become too pricey to fix. Doing so also helps keep your truck on the road, thus improving your business' uptime. When you are on your way to maintaining your big rig's condition and need high-quality truck parts and accessories, John Deere is the go-to brand among truck owners in the country.   

John Deere has a rich history with roots that can be traced back to 1837 when blacksmith John Deere designed plows for the farmers in the eastern United States. Over the years, John Deere has evolved from being a blacksmith into a manufacturer of engine and drivetrain, electronic solutions, agriculture machines and equipment, landscaping and grounds care tools, construction equipment, and a whole lot more. He died at the age of 82, a few months after telling someone that "during his long life, it had been a great source of consolation to him to know that he had never willfully wronged any man and never put on the market a poorly made article." 

Up to this day, people behind John Deere work with strict adherence to the founder's core values—integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. Even in choosing suppliers and dealers, John Deere makes sure that they support these core values before establishing a working relationship with them. If you need John Deere parts for your trucks and commercial vehicles, you have come to the right place. FinditParts carries a wide variety of products from this brand. Whether you need John Deere bearings, belt tensioners, bolts, seals, filters, washers, dowel pins, or control valves, we got you covered. Use our quick lookup feature and find your needed part in an instant.