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About Hino

No matter how big your fleet or transportation business is, you need to minimize truck downtime to grow your bottom line. Good thing, Hino provides the trucking industry with highly efficient, best-in-class trucks and world-class parts to fit such big rigs. With roots that can be traced back to 1900, Hino has under its belt 80 years of solid experience, and global recognition as the 3rd largest truck manufacturers in the world. In fact, if you have tried public transport in Japan, Australia, Korea, or New Zealand, chances are, you have probably ridden on a Hino Bus.

Hino's American story started in 1981, three years before Hino trucks were sold in the United States. It began when the U.S. airbase in Yokota, Japan, purchased two Hino RE deluxe touring buses for recreational use and for long-distance tours of the families of U.S. Air Force personnel stationed at the base. The company was formally launched in the U.S. market with the introduction of the first fully assembled FF175 that came out of the assembly plant on August 4, 1983.

As one of the world's truck manufacturing giants, Hino stays true to its commitment to fulfilling the company's mission with the guidance of its core principles. Hino concentrated its effort to "present speedy and highly-qualified maintenance" to achieve "Total Support customized for each vehicle." One of the company's strategies to achieve this goal is to streamline the supply system of spare parts, with careful consideration of the increasing number of units owned.

Hino Parts

From the day it set foot in the U.S. market, Hino has been producing a new conventional product lineup designed specifically to meet the demands of the American market. And since the country's medium-duty truck business is primarily a traditional market, Hino, along with its wide selection of Hino parts, immediately gained momentum and outperformed the competition. As a result, Hino trucks and buses have become commonplace on the road and highways of more than 90 countries and regions worldwide. In the United States alone, it operates nine facilities strategically located in five states.

All Hino parts, on the other hand, are a product of expert research, advanced manufacturing processes, and high-quality materials resulting in premium-quality products that will offer the most bang for your buck.


When it comes to longevity, Hino engines are among the highest-rated on the market. This translates to lower operating costs. One thing that makes Hino's engine design exceptional is its low oil requirement. Hino engines require only 26% less engine oil than other OEM's. These engines also guarantee extraordinarily long oil change intervals (up to 20,000 miles). This is because Hino's product specialists know that component efficiency and capacity of fluid and parts are essential aspects not only in maintaining but also in getting the most out of your Hino truck.

Hino Truck Fluids

Hino fluids for Hino trucks, particularly its engine oils and coolants, offer extended drain intervals, superior performance, and excellent protection for your engine, therefore enhancing component and equipment life, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing profitability.

  • Engine Oil

Specially formulated for your Hino truck, the Hino engine oil becomes the benchmark for high-performance diesel engine oils. Ensuring up to twice the drain interval of generic truck oils, Hino engine oil boasts advanced low ash, soothandling technology that sets the standards for traditional heavy-duty engine oils. It also improves your truck's uptime and minimizes oil consumption.

The engine oil from this brand is made in collaboration with B.P. Lubricants USA Inc. With an ideal blend of high-performance synthetics with Hino's patented (high TBN and low ash) additive chemistry, this oil helps extend the regular service intervals and time-to-engine-rebuild and equipment life.

  • Coolant

With extended change intervals up to 500,000 miles, the Hino coolant/antifreeze provides the kind of protection you can always count on. The Hino LLC EX-PLUS, for one, is a specially-formulated ethylene glycol-based coolant that's designed to work specifically for the engine of Hino trucks. It works well with metals and non-metal materials to provide lubrication and life-long protection to engine parts.

Hino coolants guarantee outstanding antifreeze performance and overheating prevention under different climates. They are also climate-friendly because they do not have inhibitors like amine, silicate, nitrite, etc. Such inhibitors may cause environmental issues and cooling system problems. Hino coolants are compatible even with non-metal materials like resin and rubber.


Hino oil filters offer 20% higher capacity than the competition. The Hino parts developers understand that low filter capacity means shorter service life for the filter and a higher chance for system bypass. This is the situation wherein unfiltered lubricants get through the filter and reach the engine. The oil filters from Hino are engineered to meet the reduced oil amounts that are exclusive to Hino trucks. Experts make these filters to ensure higher fluid cycles that need less oil and longer drain intervals.

With the ability to filter even the smallest oil particles, Hino oil filters are also the market leader in efficiency and engine protection. At 30 microns, these filters offer almost 100% efficiency. For maximum oil flow, these filters also maintain the lowest pressure differential.

Hinostyle Accessories

Express yourself through your truck with the Hino accessories. These are a welcome addition to your truck as they don't only beautify your truck or add a layer of protection, but most of them serve a practical purpose.

  • Trim pieces

Most of the brand's trim pieces, including door handle trim, door window trim, marker light trim, and front fender lights and trim, are made from first-rate, highly polished 304-grade stainless steel that has non-corrosive and non-magnetic properties. These adhesive trim products use heavy-duty, double-sided, 3M adhesive tape to create an ultra-strong bond to painted surfaces.

  • Steps

Crafted from highly polished 430-grade stainless steel, these Hinostyle accessories can endure the constant use of the commercial truck environment. They showcase rugged construction and a non-slip stepping area for safe and secure footing.

Among the other top-quality accessories from Hino are air deflectors, air horns, bumper bars, license plate covers, mirror kits, sun visors, hood deflectors, and window visors. For the interior, you will find first-rate floor mats, seat covers, toolboxes, and organizers.

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