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When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, nothing does it better than CPS Products. This business is built by technicians with professional service technicians in mind. Its primary goal is to create products, tools, and technologies that enable service technicians, like those working in trucking companies and fleet transportation services, to work smarter. It understands how downtime related to air conditioning malfunctions can affect the bottom line. And so, with CPS Products' innovative solutions, automotive technicians can ensure their heavy duty trailer and truck air conditioners are in good operating condition all year round.

CPS Products features a comprehensive range of leak detection technologies, smart diagnostic tools, and air conditioning service equipment, and this is what makes it The Workingman's Choice® since 1989. One of its popular automotive solutions is the CPS Products NITROKITG. This A/C Nitrogen Pressure Leak Test Kit allows service technicians to test a repair done to the automotive A/C system without using refrigerant and releasing it to the atmosphere. It is also used in pre-checking the air conditioning system for any leaks due to defective evaporators and condensers, loose mechanical connections, and hose leaks. This process is done to prevent any unnecessary refrigerant leak once it's refilled into the A/C system.

Other popular automotive solutions from CPS Products are A/C vacuum pumps, refrigerant leak detector, and gauge set. The CPS product development team always strives to improve its existing product-line up as well as create new product solutions to better equip automotive service technicians all over the world. FinditParts carries a wide range of CPS Products. We are a one-stop shop for all your heavy duty truck and trailer parts needs.