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When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, nothing does it better than CPS Products. This business is built by technicians with professional service technicians in mind. Its primary goal is to create products, tools, and technologies that enable service technicians, like those working in trucking companies and fleet transportation services, to work smarter. It understands how downtime related to air conditioning malfunctions can affect the bottom line. And so, with CPS Products' innovative solutions, automotive technicians can ensure their heavy duty trailer and truck air conditioners are in good operating condition all year round.

CPS Products features a comprehensive range of leak detection technologies, smart diagnostic tools, and air conditioning service equipment, and this is what makes it The Workingman's Choice® since 1989. One of its popular automotive solutions is the CPS Products NITROKITG. This A/C Nitrogen Pressure Leak Test Kit allows service technicians to test a repair done to the automotive A/C system without using refrigerant and releasing it to the atmosphere. It is also used in pre-checking the air conditioning system for any leaks due to defective evaporators and condensers, loose mechanical connections, and hose leaks. This process is done to prevent any unnecessary refrigerant leak once it's refilled into the A/C system.

Other popular automotive solutions from CPS Products are A/C vacuum pumps, refrigerant leak detector, and gauge set. The CPS product development team always strives to improve its existing product-line up as well as create new product solutions to better equip automotive service technicians all over the world. FinditParts carries a wide range of CPS Products. We are a one-stop shop for all your heavy duty truck and trailer parts needs.

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CPS PRODUCTS FX134A advanced r134a refrigerant management center--sae j2788h--includes 481500 oil inj kit CPS PRODUCTS LSXBMK maintenance kit for cpsl790b (sensors and covers) CPS PRODUCTS MAID8QZ blackmax™ chrome manifold gauge set in collector's tin CPS PRODUCTS VG200 vacuumeter vacuum gauge with digital display CPS PRODUCTS MT7I7A6Q working man's manifold CPS PRODUCTS VP6D 6 cfm 2 stage vacuum pump CPS PRODUCTS ARXF5 filter for ar2788 CPS PRODUCTS FXXC fx series dust cover CPS PRODUCTS LS790B leek-seeker® refrigerant leak detector CPS PRODUCTS AD48L a/c tank adapter, for hfo1234yf, 1/2" acme male threads x 1/2" acme female left hand threads CPS PRODUCTS RGDH gauge replacement 134 hi CPS PRODUCTS QCL134 r-134a low side premium manual coupler 14mm fittings CPS PRODUCTS TRSA21 refrigerant scavenger - dual refrigerant CPS PRODUCTS VP2S 2 cfm vacum pump CPS PRODUCTS AD12 1/2" acme brass adapter CPS PRODUCTS HA6Y 6' yellow 1/2" acme x 1/2" acme r-124a hose with ball valve CPS PRODUCTS TLJ4 r-134a 1/2in. injector a/c oil refill 2 oz. capacity CPS PRODUCTS VPC2SU premium compact 2 cfm 1 stage vacuum pump CPS PRODUCTS CRX430T cps 30 lb. 400 psig replacement / recovery tank for trsa21 trsa30 CPS PRODUCTS TLMKC18 solenoid valve troubleshooting magnet 18mm CPS PRODUCTS LSXS s131 pump sensor CPS PRODUCTS QC1234SET a/c manual coupler set 2 piece with 12mm fittings for hfo1234yf CPS PRODUCTS AD48 1/4" sae f x 1/2" acme m adapter CPS PRODUCTS CC220 compact high capacity charging scale CPS PRODUCTS MA1234 pro-set® dual manifold set CPS PRODUCTS QC1214SET 14mm hfo manual coupler set CPS PRODUCTS TLVC810 r-134a 8/10mm valve core remover & installer CPS PRODUCTS QC134SET premium manual couplers CPS PRODUCTS MTHFO134 hfo/134a manifold gauge set CPS PRODUCTS FX1234 advanced r1234yf refrigerant management center--sae j2843 CPS PRODUCTS FX3030X1 fx series maintenance kit CPS PRODUCTS LDA1000UV electronic leak detector with e-mos enhanced metal oxide ­sensor ­technology CPS PRODUCTS VG200W vacuum gauge CPS PRODUCTS QCH123414 hfo-1234yf 1/4" male manual coupler CPS PRODUCTS QCH134 r-134a high side premium manual coupler 14mm fittings CPS PRODUCTS MAID8QDL black max dual r134a/yf mnfld CPS PRODUCTS MAID8QYF black max yf guage set CPS PRODUCTS QC14SET conversion style coupler set r12 to r134a CPS PRODUCTS TCSET tc 127 & tc 274 tube cutters in blister pak CPS PRODUCTS QCH1214MM high side manual r134a to hfo1234yf coupler CPS PRODUCTS LDA1000H electronic leak detector CPS PRODUCTS LSXSF selective filter/housing for ls780b and ls790b CPS PRODUCTS FX1234V advanced value r1234yf rrr CPS PRODUCTS QCH1234 a/c manual coupler high side with 12mm fittings for hfo1234yf CPS PRODUCTS RFSH high-side r-134a socket CPS PRODUCTS RFSL r-134a low-side hex retrofit socket CPS PRODUCTS TLJ2 r-12 1/4in. injector a/c oil refill 2 oz. capacity CPS PRODUCTS TLVC2 dual valve core remover & installer 1/4" sae valves & auto r-134a valves CPS PRODUCTS LSXS3 sensor fo ls3000 CPS PRODUCTS NITROKITG a/c nitrogen pressure leak test kit