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For more than 100 years — ever since competitors Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (DELCO) and Remy Electric Company were first brought together — the Delco Remy name has been one of the most respected in the automotive parts industry. Their truck components have long been known for using the most advanced technologies and for their incredible reliability. While the company itself is now known as Remy International and is owned by BorgWarner, they still use the Delco Remy brand name for light and heavy-duty truck parts because so many people trust it.

Our online Delco Remy catalog is one the biggest there is. The company has long been known for their heavy-duty starters and alternators that keep an electric current flowing no matter how hard you work your vehicle. You’ll find both complete assemblies and replacement parts in the electrical section. While you’re there, check out regulators, generators, solenoid switches and other parts you need to help your truck, bus or military vehicle start up and stay on.

But there’s more to this legendary Indiana-based parts manufacturer. FinditParts also has a full line of Delco Remy engine parts. This includes OEM replacement distributors and distributor caps to route voltage throughout vehicle circuits and fuel pumps so you’ll never be starving for gas. Delco Remy brake parts set the standard as well for when stopping is more important. Install truck brake rotors, hydraulic master cylinders, bearings and seals so you don’t have to pump the brake pedal. They also make air filters and other maintenance components.

This respected brand provides knowledge and service beyond the sale as well. Their direct warranty programs and field support will help your fleet stay cruising across North America. Our team has your back as well with a large selection of parts, competitive pricing and fast shipping on every order. Make us your one-stop shop whenever you need Delco Remy parts for a heavy-duty commercial vehicle or off-highway rig.