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Also known as the Grey Pneumatic Corporation, Grey Pneumatic Socket, or simply GP, Great Pneumatic is one of the automotive industry's largest manufacturer of impact sockets and accessories. Grey Pneumatic services a wide list of industries: assembly, automotive, construction, energy, industrial, maintenance, and mining.

Grey Pneumatic was founded in 1989 with one simple goal: to satisfy customer demands. The company started with a small handful of designs servicing a limited list of customers in the tire and wheel industry. Starting from the ground up, Grey Pneumatic quickly began expanding its product catalog to provide a more comprehensive list of pieces, parts, and products for drivers, technicians, and engineers the world over.

Today, Grey Pneumatic manufactures over 4,000 different kinds of sockets and related accessories and is constantly driving technological innovation in the world of engineering tools. Part of what enables the company to enjoy the levels of success that it has is the company's commitment to reliable shipping. Not only does Grey Pneumatic put countless resources and hours of innovation into its custom packing system, but it also offers service guarantees to many of its distributors and customers.

To make it as easy as possible to find the Grey Pneumatic parts that are right for you, we, at FinditParts, have listed some of the best products that the brand has to offer. We've gone ahead and organized those products into 9 unique categories, enabled keyword searches, created check-box filters, added pictures, and even listed cross-references on a handful of these products.