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ATD Tools is a manufacturer of quite a range of different tools, hardware, and accessories for use in just about any industry. Since ATD Tools are so versatile, you can use them not only for their intended applications but also for a variety of others. This versatility — coupled with the high-quality and long-lasting nature — of the brand's tools has enabled it to gain quite a following among truckers, repairmen, and technicians everywhere.

ATD Tools was founded in 1977 to produce tools and equipment to service the burgeoning automotive and industrial industries of the time, a practice that has continued for decades. ATD tools are not only manufactured, produced, and distributed by the same company, they're also subjected to a rigorous in-house testing routine to ensure that the company keeps its industry-leading edge.

We at FindItParts carry ATD Tools products in 31 unique categories, covering just about every kind of tool and accessory that you could possibly need for a wide range of different projects. That includes essentials like extension cords and work lighting, situationally critical products like air condition equipment and heaters, and just about everything in between. Altogether, we carry over 1,000 different products, each designed to help you work out how to tackle that next big project.

Whether you're working on routine maintenance, repairing a broken component, or upgrading your OEM product to a higher-quality aftermarket rig, ATD has the tools that can make the process run as smoothly as possible.

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ATD TOOLS PRT80357-13 charger for 80357 saber underhood light ATD TOOLS 11293 22 pc. axle nut socket display ATD TOOLS 9204 1/8” double-ended titanium drill bit set, 12 pc. ATD TOOLS 6570 rotating paint panel stand ATD TOOLS 81060 x-large blow molded creeper ATD TOOLS 5709 3/4" cold chisel ATD TOOLS 762 roll-pin punch set, 5 pc. ATD TOOLS 6573 work stand bumper adapter ATD TOOLS 5017 siphon pump set, 2 pc. ATD TOOLS 360 350 pc. stainless lock and flat washer assortment ATD TOOLS 8401 40 lbs. abrasive blaster ATD TOOLS 4075 brass punch set, 3 pc. ATD TOOLS 5002 pistol grip grease gun ATD TOOLS 5016 needle nose dispenser ATD TOOLS 6618 spray gun cleaning kit ATD TOOLS 8235 automotive acid brush ATD TOOLS 5802A 5-ton pull ram with hooks ATD TOOLS 8546 single edge razor blades (#9 blade) ATD TOOLS 2130 angle die grinder ATD TOOLS 5915 6v/12v automatic battery charger/maintainer ATD TOOLS 5192 transmission drain funnel ATD TOOLS 11225 3-3/4", 8 pt axle nut socket ATD TOOLS 3679 r-134a charging hose set, 96", 3 pc ATD TOOLS 7811 500 lbs. capacity work stand ATD TOOLS 5038 drum level indicator-55 gallon drum ATD TOOLS 381 200 pc. socket set screw assortment ATD TOOLS 6750 quick change retainer spring ATD TOOLS 4082 3 pc. dead blow hammer set ATD TOOLS 11223 2-3/4", 6 pt axle nut socket ATD TOOLS 81015 foldable creeper pad ATD TOOLS 714 14-pc. punch & chisel set ATD TOOLS 5218 high pressure control valve for grease ATD TOOLS 389 120 pc. oil drain plug gasket assortment ATD TOOLS 8735 13" pistol-grip air blow gun with rubber tips ATD TOOLS 3658 r134a 1/2" acme-m thread self-sealing design can tap valve ATD TOOLS 6014 12-point fractional raised panel combination wrench - 7/16” x 5-3/8” ATD TOOLS 13787 7 pc. 4.5" long metric hex bit socket set ATD TOOLS 356 270 pc. hnbr r12 and r134a o-ring assortment ATD TOOLS 5166 2-pc. automatic slack adjuster tool set ATD TOOLS 3600 407 pc. sae universal o-ring assortment ATD TOOLS 8657 fractional digital caliper ATD TOOLS 4035 ball pein hammer set, 5 pc ATD TOOLS 5578 master fuel injection pressure test set for all systems ATD TOOLS PRT8401-30 3.0mm nozzle for atd-8401 ATD TOOLS 5621 ford radio remover ATD TOOLS 7550 master spring compressor set ATD TOOLS PRT8401-31 3.5mm nozzle for atd-8401 ATD TOOLS 4048 ball pein hammer, 48oz ATD TOOLS 10511 7" shop polisher with soft start ATD TOOLS 5255 55 gallon drum dolly ATD TOOLS 15110 10" striaght jaw locking plier ATD TOOLS 8892 1/16" x 3" cut-off wheel, 100 pack ATD TOOLS 5730 9 pc. all-purpose air hammer chisel set ATD TOOLS 39360 120 pc. master hex nut, u-nut, and body bolt assortment ATD TOOLS 80417 saber® 16-watt led swing arm dock light ATD TOOLS 5464 iso bubble flaring tool kit ATD TOOLS 9215 left-handed titanium coated premium drill bit set, 5-pc. ATD TOOLS 8738 2 pc. 4" and 13" pistol-grip air blow gun set with rubber tips ATD TOOLS 8897 premium cut-off wheel, 3” x 1/32” x 3/8”, 100-pk ATD TOOLS 8760 stainless steel magnetic parts tray - round ATD TOOLS 5163 s-cam 2-in1 brake tool ATD TOOLS 8614 variable pin spanner wrench ATD TOOLS 4605 10 pc. 1/2" drive metric impact hex driver set ATD TOOLS 7847 airflow lubricator ATD TOOLS 5463 double flaring tool kit ATD TOOLS 8737 4" pistol-grip air blow gun with rubber tips ATD TOOLS 5070 grease fitting unblocker ATD TOOLS 5405 ford fuel filter wrench ATD TOOLS 5213 large filter wrench ATD TOOLS 9892 replacement 160 psi gauge ATD TOOLS 3661 r1234yf 2-way brass manifold gauge set ATD TOOLS 80357 2000 lumen corded/cordless underhood light with 25 removable cord ATD TOOLS 277 machine screw, fractional & metric tap & die drill bit set, 117 pc. ATD TOOLS 3630 a/c clutch hub puller-installer kit ATD TOOLS 276 machine screw, fractional & metric tap & die set, 76 pc. ATD TOOLS 549 90 pc. security bit set with ratchet ATD TOOLS 5500 primary circuit tester ATD TOOLS 3526 r134a refrigerant oil side can tap ATD TOOLS 13777 12 pc. 6 lobe torx plus® bit socket set ATD TOOLS 7486A 8-ton long hydraulic ram ATD TOOLS 545 power bit set ATD TOOLS 8630 45 piece tire repair tool kit ATD TOOLS 5800A hydraulic body repair kit ATD TOOLS 5125 brake bleeder tank ATD TOOLS 5231 31-pc. filter wrench set ATD TOOLS 13795 13 pc. tamper-resistant metric hex bit socket set ATD TOOLS 383 75 pc. heat shrinkable terminal assortment ATD TOOLS 13775 13 pc. tamperproof torx bit socket set ATD TOOLS 7441A 3/4-ton heavy-duty underhoist stand ATD TOOLS 7465 1,500 lbs. hydraulic vehicle positioning jack ATD TOOLS 5000 lever action grease gun with 6" rigid extension ATD TOOLS 13788 8 pc. large size sae/metric hex bit socket set ATD TOOLS 6559 masking film dispenser ATD TOOLS 7446A 6-ton double lock ratchet style jack stands ATD TOOLS 80390A 700 lumen led rechargeable tube light ATD TOOLS 80303 saber® single strip 3-watt led cordless rechargeable work light ATD TOOLS 362 125 pc. rubber grommet assortment ATD TOOLS 8262 7” heavy-duty wire wheel brush ATD TOOLS 6805 magnetic paint gun holder ATD TOOLS 5207 standard filter wrenches ATD TOOLS 6574 detailing cart ATD TOOLS 7495 2-ton cable puller ATD TOOLS 349 200 pc. hex washer head self-drilling screw assortment ATD TOOLS 5550 automatic transmission and engine oil pressure gauge kit ATD TOOLS 3880 a/c system valve core ­ & cap assortment for r134a & r12 ATD TOOLS 8803 razor blade scraper ATD TOOLS 8645 heavy-duty torque multiplier ATD TOOLS 80395A 800 lumen rechargeable work light w/ top light ATD TOOLS 3406 1” dial thermometer ATD TOOLS 1450 metric jumbo service wrench set, 15 pc. ATD TOOLS 5184 4.5 gallon drain pan, black ATD TOOLS 7763 5-stage desiccant air drying system ATD TOOLS 5206 small swivel oil filter wrench ATD TOOLS 6563 tree style masking machine ATD TOOLS 2138 3/8” air ratchet wrench ATD TOOLS 8705 5 pc. ball joint & tie rod separator set ATD TOOLS 5401 alloy steel insert for atd-5400 ATD TOOLS 8700 ball joint separator ATD TOOLS 7304A 2-ton trolley jack ATD TOOLS 8629 wheel hub removal tool ATD TOOLS 5226 trolley mounted oil pump kit ATD TOOLS 8353 4 “ twisted tuft wire wheel brush ATD TOOLS 6401 8 pc. 3/4" drive 6 point sae standard impact add-on socket set ATD TOOLS 7016 2-tray black cart ATD TOOLS 392 low-profile atm fuse assortment ATD TOOLS 3308 universal 90 degree adapter fitting ATD TOOLS 63905 5-pc. pry bar set ATD TOOLS 5164 air brake service tool kit ATD TOOLS 13782 10 pc. triple square xzn bit socket set ATD TOOLS 7762 30 scfm in-line desiccant dryer, 2-quart ATD TOOLS 351 300 pc. e-clip assortment ATD TOOLS 1380 106 pc. sae/metric 1/4” & 3/8” dr. socket tray ATD TOOLS 364 120 pc. atc car fuse assortment ATD TOOLS 9600 3/16” letter stamp set, 27 pc. ATD TOOLS 124566 3/8” drive t55 torx® bit socket ATD TOOLS 1365 43 pc. 1/2” driver sae/metric socket set ATD TOOLS 7477 engine transverse bar w/arm support ATD TOOLS 5582 pro laser tachometer ATD TOOLS 5410 ford triton spark plug thread repair kit ATD TOOLS 5180A 8 gallon plastic waste oil drain ATD TOOLS 39355 80 pc. toyota retainer assortment ATD TOOLS 80340A rechargeable led pocket light - 200 lumen ATD TOOLS 132 1/4” drive t30 torx® bit socket ATD TOOLS 6404 11 pc. 3/4" drive 6 point sae truck service impact socket set ATD TOOLS 8658 electronic inch/metric brake drum gauge ATD TOOLS PRT8696-1 screw for atd-8696 ATD TOOLS 4321 1/2" drive 6-point deep metric impact socket - 21mm ATD TOOLS 10021 21 pc. 3/4” dr. 6-point fractional socket set ATD TOOLS 5503 cordless professional circuit tester ATD TOOLS 5486 heavy-duty battery carrier Browse more...