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About Save-A-Load

If your business is required to move cargo on a daily basis, it is highly critical not only for your truck to stay on schedule but also for your cargo to stay secured inside the trailer when the vehicle is moving. Because if it does move around inside the trailer, that can be a huge problem. It can mean disgruntled customers, loss of repeat business, and zero profit.

Fleet Engineers, a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality truck and trailer products, has the solution—the Save-A-Load Heavy Duty Cargo Bars. Save-A-Load, Inc., a Charlotte, N.C.-based company, has been producing heavy duty cargo bars since 1994. In 2016, it was acquired by Muskegon, Michigan-based manufacturing and distribution company Fleet Engineers to enhance its current cargo management solutions and expand its product offerings for its growing customer base.

Save-A Load, Inc. remains true to its commitment to bringing only the best and the toughest quality load bars in the market. All of its products are manufactured to ensure they operate in a very tough environment. Even if they are run over, thrown around, and generally abused, they will not be rendered useless because they are easily repaired and restored to their like-new condition.

Save-A-Load Parts

Save-A-Load offers a vast range of advanced cargo management solutions to ensure loads are secured and minimize transit damage. Built to offer maximum strength and versatility, these Save-A-Load parts are the toughest yet the lightest and most efficient cargo bars for trucks and trailers today.

SL30 Series Heavy Duty Load Bars

Measuring 84” to 114” in length, these SL30 Series heavy duty hydraulic cargo bars are primarily used in dry vans, reefers, furniture trucks, beverage trucks, and more. These help keep your cargos right where you want them. They are lightweight, easy to use, and guaranteed not to damage any of your trailer walls.

There are seven options available for the SL30 Series, and these are the following:

  1. SL-30 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Articulating and F-Track Ends
  2. SL-30 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Articulating and Fixed Ends
  3. SL-30 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Articulating Ends
  4. SL-30 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with E-Track Ends
  5. SL-30 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with F-Track Ends
  6. SL-30 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Fixed and F-Track Ends
  7. SL-30 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Fixed Ends

These SL-30 heavy duty cargo bars share the following features:

  • With an internal pressure release valve to prevent over cranking, which often results in trailer/body wall damage
  • Easy to use as they come with a push-button release
  • Designed to work in any environment between -35˚ and 160˚F
  • Weigh only 8.8 lbs and made using 1-3/4″ square tube
  • Effectively resist corrosion and last longer than the competing cargo bars
  • Hydraulic tested more than 30,000 times for maximum efficiency and durability

SL20 Series Medium Duty Load Bars

Designed primarily for use in conventional vans, large walk-ins, city delivery, Sprinter vans, and landscape utility, the SL20 Series medium duty hydraulic cargo bars are smaller versions of the heavy duty series bars. Although they share the same features with the SL30 Series, their pressure limiting valve is set at a PSI to ensure they stay in place in Sprinter vans and other transporting vehicles. Also, they are made to fit 69" to 96".

The options available for this series include the:

  1. SL-20 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Articulating Ends
  2. SL-20 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with E-Track Ends
  3. SL-20 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with F-Track Ends

SL10 Series Light Duty Load Bars

Just like the heavy duty and medium duty load bars, the SL10 Series light duty hydraulic cargo bars are also equipped with a unique interior hydraulic cylinder pump to keep them secured against the truck bed’s walls. They are primarily used in everyday vans, pickups, and SUVs to secure everything from large tools or gun boxes to plants and even groceries.

Here are the options available for the SL10 series:

  1. SL-10 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Articulating and Fixed Ends
  2. SL-10 Hydraulic Cargo Bar with Articulating Ends
  3. Bicycle Carrier for Transporting Up to 2 Bikes

The features and benefits of the SL10 series load bars are:

  • With high-friction pads to ensure a tight grip
  • Designed to hold cargo of all sizes
  • Built to provide years of reliable performance
  • Easy to use as they come with a one-hand push-button release
  • Made using 1-1/4″ square tube and fit 47″ to 75″
  • With anodized finish for superior corrosion resistance

Proudly made in the USA, the Save-A-Load cargo bars won’t damage your trailer, won’t slip, and are far easier to use and maintain than other cargo bars. They are also engineered for safety and are built tough to last for years to come. But what sets these Save-A-Load parts from the competition is that they come in various powder-coated colors to keep them distinct like your business. Whether you like yellow, red, blue, black, white, orange, or pink load bars, Save-A-Load can provide them for you.

Save-A-Load Replacement Parts

Like all cargo bars, the Save-A-Load bars will last longer and work better when they are used properly, maintained regularly, and stored correctly. However, no matter how careful you are in using these parts, they will also require repair and replacement parts at some point. Good thing, Save-A-Load has got you covered on this too. From extension tubes and replacement hydraulic assembly to release button cover, e-track end, and f-track end, this brand ensures your load bars will always perform at their peak and last for a long time.

Save-A-Load Hoops

If you want to increase your footprint, Save-A-Load has got the right aluminum hoops for you. These hoops are designed to ensure even bulkier and heavier items remain safe and secured in your cargo area when you drive through rough roads. They are made of lightweight aluminum square tubing and rivets for superior strength and durability.

The options included in this product lineup are:

  1. 24” x 38” Aluminum Hoop
  2. 24” x 48” Aluminum Hoop
  3. 24” x 74” Aluminum Hoop with 3 cross members
  4. 24” x 74” Aluminum Hoop with 5 cross members

All these options come with mounting hardware for quick, easy installation and are available with standard or non-sparking stainless steel hardware for extra protection on cargos that include solvents, liquids, dust, vapor, and dangerous gases.

Save-A-Load Security/Storage Accessories

Save-A-Load offers security and storage accessories for various purposes. The anti-theft rack, for one, is designed to provide added security and protection for your load bar investment. The release button locking sleeve, on the other hand, is used primarily for individual bar security.

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