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Periodic maintenance is key to a properly functioning braking system. It can dramatically reduce downtime and avoid expensive repairs. Carlisle Brake & Friction is the name you can trust when it's time to service your heavy-duty vehicle or equipment's braking system. This company has been in business for almost 100 years. It is committed to providing only the best brake and wheel-end components to increase the reliability, safety, and performance of your heavy duty truck, commercial vehicle, or equipment. 

Headquartered in Solon, OH, Carlisle Brake & Friction offers performance-proven brake solutions for on-highway applications, including class 1-6 trucks and commercial vehicles, class 7-8 commercial trucks and trailers, emergency vehicles and school buses, and refuse trucks. Its product offerings include brake block lining & shoes, disc service brakes, disc brake pads, and clutch and brake friction. All these are designed to meet or exceed your expectations for form, fit, and workmanship. 

Carlisle also supplies a wide range of brake systems, friction components, and hydraulic actuation products for off-highway markets, including agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial. For decades, it has remained at the forefront of all these industries by developing innovative brake system technology. And the key to this success is a combination of all these essential components: global manufacturing processes, a staff of industry experts, and advanced R&D and testing capabilities. 

Carlisle Brake & Friction is steadfast in its commitment to providing complete engineered brake system solutions from the pedal to the wheel. If you need to buy any of its products, check out the FinditParts catalog. We offer a large selection of Carlisle parts at reasonable prices, and we ship them to you fast. 

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CARLISLE VRD1 rocker switch (off-on-(mom)) CARLISLE L58E1 switch rocker engine brake s CARLISLE PKE4515PNA100 brake shoe kit CARLISLE 369419B00 flo-pac medium green wide band looped-end mop, blended 4-ply yarn, natural - CARLISLE 328-7845 brake original oem, lining, brake, kit CARLISLE 1039R switch CARLISLE 306-167 seal kit CARLISLE 244-564 lining asm CARLISLE 4515E cap CARLISLE 133-470 disc CARLISLE 2101-123A brake valve CARLISLE 4691DXX brake lining CARLISLE 6244005E regulator CARLISLE 2102-132D brake valve CARLISLE KE4311E21 brake kit CARLISLE 112-7030 cam CARLISLE 328-742 pad set2 CARLISLE 9059759 v-belt CARLISLE R5VX1700-4 v-belt 4-strand cogged 170in CARLISLE 27-7716 puck - friction CARLISLE L12B1 switch rocker lube CARLISLE 7000983 ring CARLISLE 304-7307 kit threaded cap CARLISLE 1031079 seal kit CARLISLE 064-06114 lining kit CARLISLE V1B2 switch CARLISLE L11B1A801-3AZ3L-100 switch air conditioning 24v CARLISLE L24D1CNN1-00000-000-XGBD1 switch l-series park brake on/ CARLISLE 1425R lighted rocker switch CARLISLE A43222A2107 pad CARLISLE 306-145 kit CARLISLE 260-656 housing CARLISLE 328-7841 lining kit CARLISLE JYB20437 switch CARLISLE 184-691 torque plate CARLISLE L26B1 switch rocker|outrigger extend CARLISLE 9640155 lining CARLISLE AC1-B0-34-620-5F1-C circuit breaker 20a CARLISLE 274W197 grease fitting CARLISLE 133-709 disc CARLISLE 43-528 bolt CARLISLE 6204083G valve CARLISLE 328-7830 brake lining set 2 CARLISLE 2101-129B valve CARLISLE 192-7080 connector CARLISLE 419-8868 caliper brake head asm CARLISLE L31B1CPP1-3AAXX-1XX-XCS1 rocker switch - camera select CARLISLE L24D1EHH1 switch_rocker CARLISLE L11B1AJ01-3AZXX-300-XGD1 switch CARLISLE 328-7 parts kit master cylinder mo CARLISLE 306-7144 sealing kit CARLISLE 200105HSKIT san jamar sani station™ hard surface cleaning kit CARLISLE VDD2-1108R switch CARLISLE 419-9054 parking brake asm CARLISLE 444W7002 bracket CARLISLE 221-108 actuator asm36 1 CARLISLE KIT10112 piston kit CARLISLE BX77 cogged v-belt 80in CARLISLE 32-411 cap piston g6 CARLISLE 28T-5882 friction disc 28in CARLISLE 133-625 disc CARLISLE 133-7944 disc CARLISLE 244-761 disc brake lining CARLISLE 419-559 brake head asml6bf CARLISLE 59-69 frame asm26x5 CARLISLE 74-627 piston CARLISLE 206-58 shim CARLISLE 133-591 disc CARLISLE 4524BX cap CARLISLE 260-735 housingpiston g25 CARLISLE 133-428 brake original oem disk 18.04 x 7.19 x 0.51 CARLISLE 6204421E brake valve CARLISLE 27-7714 disc brake lining CARLISLE 93-985 cover plate_brake caliper CARLISLE 74-7943 piston CARLISLE L11D1 switch floodlight 12v CARLISLE L11B1A801-3AZ53-100 switch floodlight 24v CARLISLE 54-129 sleeve CARLISLE 304-7308 piston kit CARLISLE 244-730-2 brake original oem lining assy hh6 nf-782 CARLISLE SANIS05-100 san jamar sani station™ sanitizer/cleaner packets 0.5 oz. 100/pack CARLISLE 133-534 brake disc CARLISLE V2D2 switch base - less operator CARLISLE V6B2 switch base - less operator CARLISLE 244-7830 disc brake lining CARLISLE 394-92 pressure intensifier CARLISLE 60-584 spacertorque plate f4 CARLISLE R5VX1900-3 cogged v-belt 3 strand 190in CARLISLE 5VX750 v-belt cogged 75in CARLISLE 306-7055 seal kit CARLISLE J4A2UT0C-ARS70-100-XDY2 switch CARLISLE 113-65 guide CARLISLE BX67 cogged v-belt 70in CARLISLE 419-501 brake head asmk4 mo CARLISLE 1610R toggle switch CARLISLE VJD1D66BBACC00-00 rocker switch CARLISLE 244-584-1 lining asm CARLISLE 32-507 cap piston CARLISLE 59-140 frame assy CARLISLE V8B2 switch CARLISLE 419-8942 six-piston brake assy CARLISLE V4B2 switch CARLISLE 5VX690 cogged v-belt 69in CARLISLE SANIS15-100 san jamar sani station™ sanitizer/cleaner packets 1.5 oz. 100/pack CARLISLE 1658249C91 set rear brake lining CARLISLE 133-629 brake disc CARLISLE 32-366 inlet cap CARLISLE 306-203 seal kitj6 l6 bf CARLISLE 60-519 spacer CARLISLE L11B1 switch CARLISLE 4367D lining CARLISLE 7149D236 pad sets CARLISLE 6210110 control CARLISLE 74-697 piston CARLISLE L31E10808R switch CARLISLE R5V3550-4 belt - 4 strand 5v 355in long CARLISLE 419-484 brake head asm CARLISLE 419-7984 brake head asmf420 mo CARLISLE 93-759 plate CARLISLE BX78 cogged v-belt 81in CARLISLE 2101-137 hyd brake valve CARLISLE L12D1 switch CARLISLE 2033D drum lining CARLISLE VP1VP-B22SF-XX2XX-XHT1 rocker switch CARLISLE 1806 R toggle switch CARLISLE 1104-111 brake valve CARLISLE 58-72 brake asy CARLISLE 8901116 kit_helical springs CARLISLE 32-493 piston cap CARLISLE 1248R led indicator lamp - low steer pressure CARLISLE L11B1AD0A-3AZXX switch_load dump brake CARLISLE 7002008 valve asy CARLISLE 328-6371 cap CARLISLE 295-37 piston housing asmf425mo CARLISLE X1104-423 brake valve asm CARLISLE L28B1 switch rocker CARLISLE LDCA1PP1-00000-000 switch rocker|dimmer dome ligh CARLISLE KE1443E21 brake kit CARLISLE 244-531 disc brake lining CARLISLE 3591-4CN0250 insert CARLISLE 419-873-1 brake CARLISLE 4056C-CD drum lining CARLISLE 6204047C brake valve CARLISLE 304-212 lining set 2 CARLISLE 6204083H valve CARLISLE 328-7849 lining kit CARLISLE 4056CD liningkit CARLISLE 2101-146 valve CARLISLE V4B2-1324R contact button CARLISLE KIT8022 kit brake camshaft bushing & seal Browse more...