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About Buyers Products

Buyers Products is proudly born in the USA. Founded in 1946 as a humble original trailer equipment distributor, this brand has grown into a leading manufacturer of American-made truck, trailer, and snow and ice equipment. For 75 years, this company stays committed to the three core values that have served the company since day one—quality, value, and availability. Buyers Products continuously takes care of its customers and stays up to date on technological advancement and innovation to deliver high-quality products of incredible value and makes sure these products are available when you need them.

Made in the USA - All Buyers Products parts are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

Durability - Parts are built tough by the experts.

Great Value - Offering the broadest range of products at the most competitive prices.

World-Class Quality - Products are manufactured to meet the strictest quality standards to meet or exceed customer's expectations.

Buyers Products Parts

Buyers Products parts are made with pride and passion in the USA. The development, production, assembly, and testing of these parts all take place in this country to ensure excellent craftsmanship. Buyers Products believes that your equipment must start with the highest-quality materials and must be made by skilled craftsmen using state-of-the-art tools and manufacturing techniques. All the equipment and parts from this brand are cut, bent, shaped, welded, and finished with precision to meet the most rigorous specifications. Buyers Products' staff are composed of engineers and experts dedicated to designing the best products in the market and getting them to you at the best value.

Snow Plows, Snow Pushers, and Spreaders

What makes Buyers Products a household name is its SnowDogg® snow plows and SaltDogg® spreaders that help make a contractor or local government's job easier and more efficient. With its rugged design and robust features, the Buyers Products SnowDogg is the sole heavy-duty snow plow you will ever need for your truck. This is ideal for various plowing tasks—from small driveways to massive campuses—and for tackling heavy-duty commercial work. It is designed to use the same vehicle mount for optimum fleet compatibility. The Buyers Products SaltDogg spreaders, on the other hand, are perfect for homeowners, property managers, contractors, and local governments. These are professional-caliber machines that fit into your pickup truck's bed and ATVs to efficiently disperse a brine mixture that keeps snow and ice from sticking to the pavement. Buyers Products offer a vast selection of spreaders for a variety of applications—from small, low-volume residential salt spreading to heavy-duty, high-volume commercial use.

Truck Tool Boxes

Buyers Products offers some of the best truck tool boxes, truck tool box latch, and truck toolbox lock in the market. Each Buyers Products truck toolbox features precision robotic welds and goes through rigorous testing before it comes out of the assembly line. It is also designed to last longer in service as it’s built using durable materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, polyethylene, and aluminum. And since it comes with the Buyers Products truck toolbox latch or truck toolbox lock and gasket, it’s well-sealed against weather and theft. The Buyers Products truck toolbox is available in different sizes and styles. The same is true with the Buyers Products trailer toolbox, so there are lots of options for every application.

Towing and Cargo Control Products

This manufacturer knows that what you are doing is imperative. If you are hauling or transporting cargo for a living, you know who to count on when it comes to your needed cargo control components—Buyers Products. These towing and cargo solutions help make your workhorse more versatile by allowing it to move cargo safely and with confidence, knowing that your truck's load is secured. Whether you need tie-downs or D-rings or a ratchet-style load binder, Buyers Products has cost-effective solutions. Its parts portfolio also contains towing accessories and hardware that you can use to make your rig ready for any towing task. These include the Buyers Products pintle hitch and hitch receivers, towing hooks, trailer jacks, hitch balls and pins, drawbars and eye assemblies, couplers, ball mounts, trailer hitch pintle hook, and many others. Buyers Products also offers weight distribution and sway control solutions to make towing safer and less stressful for drivers.

Tarp Systems

From dump tarp kits, electric tarp gear motors, and heavy-duty tarps to pull-style tarp systems and roll tarp kits, Buyers Products has got you covered. The Buyers Products truck tarp system is specially designed to fit your truck for the ultimate in coverage and offer a long service life. For simple dump body and dump trailer tarp applications, the dump truck tarp system is the best option available. It is made extra durable, and it features brass grommets and heavy-duty, double-stitched, and reinforced hems.

Lighting and Electrical Parts

When it comes to lighting and electrical components, exceeding meticulous industry standards is not just an expectation at Buyers Products. It is a requirement. From work lights to warning lights, snow plow lights to DOT-approved truck and trailer lights, Buyers Products got you covered. This brand also offers lights that meet FMVSS/CMVSS 108 regulations and lighting components that are DOT certified. These lights are coupled with first-rate Buyer Products lighting harnesses and plugs, lighting mounts, brackets, and guards, as well as lighting bezels and grommets. You can also trust Buyers to provide you with virtually everything you need to fix or restore your rig's electrical system or components. It manufactures best-in-class electrical switches, solenoids and motors, circuit breakers, and even observation and backup cameras.

Cables and Controls

Built tough by experts, the Buyers Products cables and controls are capable enough of handling the demands of various applications. No other brand understands the intricacies of pickup trucks, big rigs, trailers, snow equipment, or RVs better than Buyers Products. So you can rest assured knowing that the Buyers Products parts you'll get will fit your application perfectly and deliver efficient, trouble-free operation. Among the popular solutions from this product line are yoke ends, different control cables, cotter pins, zip ties, lever control, ball joint, and a lot more.

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Buyers Products has almost everything you need to extend the life of your rig's pneumatic and hydraulic systems. It takes pride in offering a wide variety of pneumatic air fittings that meet DOT specifications, including elbows, union trees, nylon air tubing, male connector, union connector, and many more. These fittings meet DOT FMVSS 571.106 air brake performance regulations. This industry leader is also committed to addressing your hydraulic parts needs. It carries a massive selection of gauges and sensor kits, valves, DC power units, fittings, pumps, and motors. This part category also offers reservoirs and accessories, filters and filter kits, as well as gauges and sensor kits that will help bring back the functionality of your rig's hydraulic system.

Truck and Trailer Hardware

The wide range of Buyers Products parts includes a comprehensive selection of Buyers Products trailer accessories and hardware that could help keep your truck and trailer in shape and in excellent working condition. Do you need door checks and props or door locks and handles? How about trailer hitches? Buyers Products has all these and more. This company will help bring back the full functioning glory of your truck and trailer by providing world-class clamps, carriers, grab handles, mud flaps, wheel chocks, hinges, latches, pins, and lock cylinders. Buyers also carry dump body hardware and landscape trailer accessories.

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The next time you need the right parts, shop at FinditParts. Buyers Products is a truck equipment industry leader in helping you do more as you drive. They make tough all-season spreaders that can be attached to pick-up trucks and ATVs alike for putting down seeds, fertilizer or road salt. Move dirt with ease using dump truck body hardware such as hinges, latches, vibrators and shovel holders. When the going gets soggy, protect your tires and wheel wells from crud with mud flaps, splash guards and fender add-ons.

Buyers Products has a fast-growing commercial truck lighting and electrical division as well. They make a variety of DOT truck and trailer lights for every corner of your vehicle along with safety lights, utility lights, alarms, rear camera systems and roadside emergency supplies. This Ohio-based company also offers pneumatics and hydraulics for lifting, truck bed toolboxes, towing hardware, wheel chocks and many other ways to do more with your truck. Go to the New Products section to see the latest parts to arrive at our warehouse!

FinditParts has the largest online selection of light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck parts, and part of the reason is because we offer so much from Buyers Products. Search through our inventory by visiting a section below or calling our expert customer service team. Orders over $100 ship free in the lower 48 U.S. states, which means you can be a Buyers person without having to sell off the backup trucks to pay for freight costs.