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Dual Dynamics is a world-class family-owned company that manufactures tire pressure equalizers, hubcaps, lockable anti-theft storage systems, valve extenders, and load bars. When it started in 1981, the only product that it offered was the Crossfire Tire Pressure Equalizer. When the demand for the product increased, the company found the need to improve it, and it was a huge success, with over one million units sold. This has paved the way for Dual Dynamics' Crossfire Tire Pressure Equalizer to become the leading tire pressure equalization system on the market today. 

Six years after the Crossfire Tire Pressure Equalizer was introduced, Dual Dynamics added another product in its lineup called the Dual Guard Aluminum Hubcaps. These hubcaps were born in response to the request made by customers looking for more reliable aluminum oil hubcaps. When Dual Dynamics made improvements on these products, it was able to pioneer innovations in the hubcap market, including the first patented venting system. Today, the company still uses this system in creating its hubcaps to ensure they deliver a higher level of performance not seen in the competitors' design. 

Beginning in 1994, Dual Dynamics launched three more product lines, including the Dyna Lock Load Bars, Load-N-Lock Lockable Anti-Theft Storage System, and the Valve Extenders. The company continues to manufacture all these products in its 20,000-sq. ft. production area located in Lincoln, NE. Since Dual Dynamics is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, all its products are designed and developed following strict quality standards. 

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