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WORLD AMERICAN Emission Components

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WA902-09-3824 WA902-09-3824
doser injector (more info...) doser injector
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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Injector
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About World American

Founded in 1946, World American is an aftermarket brand specializing in replacement parts for light and heavy duty trucks. Owned by the Chicago-based Midwest Truck and Auto Parts, World American covers a wide range of parts, accessories, and trailer components for North American truck and trailer models. The company operates ISO-certified manufacturing facilities in four locations across the US, ensuring that products ordered by the customer are shipped straight to their door within 48 hours. It also takes pride in its highly-trained sales team that provides exceptional service to its customers.

Quality - World American parts are the products of over 75 years of manufacturing experience and testing.

Value - Providing customers with the best value products in the light, medium, and heavy duty truck industry.

Vast Selection - From air brake components, clutches, driveline, and engine parts to hydraulics, body and chassis parts, electrical components, and accessories, World American has got them all.

Direct Fit - Parts fit seamlessly just like the original component, saving you time during installation.

World American Parts

Today, the World American brand catalog contains thousands of high-quality aftermarket parts for light to heavy duty trucks as well as off-road, high-performance, and racing vehicles. All World American components are designed and manufactured to comply with strict OE specifications, meaning that they are almost identical to the stock component in performance. Each part is also constantly updated by certified quality control technicians, so if the OEM manufacturer makes any changes, you can be sure to find it in its World American counterpart replacement. From the drawing board to the assembly line, World American parts set high standards in their design and manufacture. Precision components undergo tight inspection procedures to ensure proper tolerances, rebuild kits are checked for accuracy, and valves are tested to determine whether they are capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions. And as a testament to how World American takes their products—and your business—seriously, all parts are backed by a 50,000-mile “no-nonsense” manufacturer warranty.

World American Engine components

World American manufactures engine replacement parts, including cylinder blocks, camshafts, clutch housings, crankshafts, exhaust manifolds, flywheels, pistons, rods, valves, and other related components and accessories. These parts are OE-compliant and direct fit by design, so they fit seamlessly just like the original and do not require special tools or hardware to install. These parts are available for popular heavy duty engine models, including those from Cummins, Caterpillar, Ford, Mack, Navistar, and more.

World American Hydraulic PTOs

World American offers a complete line of replacement parts for Chelsea hydraulic power take-offs (PTOs), commercial-type pumps, and hydraulic kits for use in mobile hydraulic applications. World American PTOs are made of 100% cast iron using advanced housing to housing to flange casting technology for increased strength. The shift cover housing and steel shifting fork are also engineered to drastically reduce the chances of leaks and engagement issues that commonly occur in PTOs from other brands. Deeper gussets in the housing and a rotatable flange with tapped holes also make installation and adjustments more convenient. Each PTO kit also comes with World American gaskets and plugs for longer spline life.

World American Clutches

World American’s range of medium duty, heavy duty, construction, and off-road clutch kits are designed to save you time and money in maintenance and repairs in the long run. Each clutch is guaranteed to be made of completely new components. There are no core charges for you to worry about! World American clutches also feature dual grease fittings and sealed throwout bearings for longer service life and color-coded cover springs for easier plate load identification. Selected 15.5” models also feature an easy adjuster system for a faster, single-motion adjustment. A 1-year, 100,000-mile warranty also covers all clutches.

World American Alternators

Made up of 100% new components, World American alternators, starters, and related electrical parts are built and tested according to rigorous internal standards. No single part leaves the assembly line that’s not proven to perform! These motors are manufactured according to the specifications of popular brands, including mid-range to heavy-duty units from General Motors, Ford, Delco, Leece-Neville, and Thermo King for refrigeration starters. Each World American alternator matches or exceeds the amperage output of its OEM counterpart. Its heavy-duty starting motors feature a ratchet design pinion gear that ensures positive engagement with each start. All units are also packaged with color-coded wires and connectors and backed by a 1-year, unlimited mileage warranty from World American.

World American Suspension

The truck’s suspension greatly affects its ride quality and driving safety, so World American makes an effort to make sure its heavy duty suspension parts and systems meet or exceed OE requirements. World American lightweight air suspension systems are built to support the majority of the vehicle’s weight, resulting in a low spring rate and a smoother ride quality compared to conventional two-leaf spring suspensions. All parts are made of high-grade materials and performance-tested for durability, even in demanding operating conditions. All of these ensure outstanding ride and handling characteristics, reduced driver fatigue, and increased braking performance.

World American Air Brakes and Valves

Whether it’s valves, brake chambers, auto or manual slack adjusters, hose assemblies, or hardware kits, World American offers OE-quality replacement parts for all your air brake-related needs. World American brake valves reflect the industry’s highest engineering standards and meet or exceed federal safety requirements. So it’s no surprise that fleets across North America choose World American as their preferred valve system brand.

World American Driveline

Few brands offer the same degree of quality and performance in driveline parts as World American. From slip yokes to U-joint, genuine World American driveline components are designed to withstand the stresses that demanding truck applications experience on a regular basis. High-grade thrust washers and seals also improve wear and heat resistance, optimize lube retention, and shield against dirt and other contaminants.

World American Water Pumps

The World American water pump is built for longevity and reliable performance. It makes use of the latest advances in technology to extend the life of the bearing while keeping maintenance to the minimum, while heavy duty bearing frames maximize bearing capacity and make it easy to access and service. It also features a high-strength shaft that drastically reduces shaft failure in almost all but the most severe operating conditions. OE-style models are available for popular North American Models, including Cummins, Caterpillar, Ford, Detroit Diesel, and many more.

Shop World American Products at FinditParts.com

From engine parts to brake valves, World American has the replacement part that you need to get your truck or trailer back in running condition. Thankfully, genuine World American parts are not that hard to find. In fact, here at FinditParts.com, you can choose from a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories from World American and other brands. Our World American parts and accessories are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and comply with international quality, safety, and environmental standards. When you order your World American parts from our site, you can rest assured that you get a great deal on genuine products. We offer our parts and accessories at very accessible prices, so there’s always a replacement part available in stock that is right for any budget. Finding the part you want in our catalog is also easy as pie, thanks to our quick-lookup feature. Simply enter the name or reference number of the part you are looking for, and the website will automatically list the exact part or a similar one for you to check and order. And with our low shipping rates and top-notch customer support, you certainly won’t regret getting your World American parts from us.