FREIGHTLINER part description

Product Description

Harness - Abs, Forward Sensor/Valve, 113

Features & Benefits

  • Durable outer sleeve that protects wires from abrasion, kinking, and other types of damage
  • Installation process is very straightforward
  • Built to withstand wear and extreme conditions
  • Designed to fit your specific vehicle application

Freightliner ABS System Wiring Harness

Ensure your ABS' efficient performance by replacing damaged or worn components with high-quality replacement parts, such as the Freightliner ABS system wiring harness. Manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, this wiring harness is guaranteed to deliver longer-lasting durability than the competing unit.

Product Attributes

Application ABS
Mounting Location Chassis, Forward
Freightliner® is the best-selling brand of heavy duty trucks in North America. But when it's time to service any of these trucks, it also provides customers with the parts they need right when and where they need them. Its distribution centers are located across the United States and utilize only the latest product-sourcing technology to ensure quick and hassle-free delivery of parts. Freightliner knows how crucial these trucks are for your business operations, so it provides you with only the highest-quality replacement parts to keep your vehicles back on the road. With genuine parts from this brand, customers would never have to worry about installation and performance at all.

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