JJ KELLER part description

  • Helps meet the specific requirements of 49 CFR Section 395.1(e)(1)
  • Designed for drivers who do not normally travel outside of a 100 air-mile radius and non-CDL drivers who don't normally travel outside a 150 air-mile radius from their home terminal
  • Provides a simple, concise method of keeping track of hours worked for a 4-month period
  • Personalized version also available
  • Loose-leaf format
  • Two plies
  • Carbonless

JJ Keller® is an industry expert in safety and compliance. It provides organizations of all sizes with the right tools and expert advice to create productive, safe, and compliant workplaces. While it does offer managed and consulting services regarding safety and compliance for DOT regulations, it also supplies a wide range of training materials and tools and a comprehensive list of digital and printed publications, forms, and supplies. DOT compliance for fleets has never been easy with JJ Keller. Its wide assortment of decals, placards, and flags helps keep employees and drivers safe and in compliance while on the job.

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