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Hub Assembly Data
Hub Assembly 103354
Status Service Only (Check with ConMet customer service for a possible replacement)
Assembly Type Basic Hub Assembly
Axle Location Front
Axle Name FF
Axle-Specific Specification 5.44" Volvo
Mounting Hub Piloted - 10 Studs
ABS Characteristic Has NonStamped ABS Ring
Wheel Stud Bolt Circle Diameter 285.75 mm
Wheel Stud 102290
Wheel Stud Standout 2.97"
Hub Rating 6,600 LBS 2,994 kg
Hub Cap Bolt Circle Diameter 5.500"
Drum Pilot Diameter 8.78"
Bearing Set Standard
Fill Hole No Fill Hole
ABS Offset 3.31"
Hub Offset 5.44"
Weight 36.0 LBS 16.3 kg
Machining 103351
Machined Flange Thickness 1.50"
Casting 103678
Casting Material A356.0-T61 Aluminum
Bill of Materials Ñ 103354 Ñ Basic Hub Assembly
Item Description Material Qty Unit Type
103350 RING, ABS MILD STEEL 1 EA ABS Tone Ring
102290 STUD, WHEEL - PROP CL 10.9 M22 X 1.5MM X 4.47 LG 10 EA Wheel Stud
100209 CUP, BEARING - OUTBOARD 3720 1 EA Bearing Cup
100015 CUP, BEARING - INBOARD HM212011 1 EA Bearing Cup
103351 HUB, MACHINED 103678 HUB, CAST ALUM 1 EA Hub Machining
103678 HUB, CASTING A356-T6 ALUMINUM 1 EA Hub Casting

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ConMet® is the market leader in wheel hubs, aluminum castings, and plastic components for commercial vehicles. It traces back its roots to 1964 when it started as a part of Portland Freightliner, a subsidiary of Consolidated Freightways. More than 30 years later, it began its operation under Amsted Industries, a global manufacturer of components serving the vehicular, railroad, construction, and industrial markets. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, ConMet takes pride in its patented innovations, including PreSet®, PreSet Plus®, and TruTurn® product lines. It uses cutting-edge design technologies, such as Solidification Modeling and Finite Element Analysis, and it works hand-in-hand with OE manufacturers to provide highly engineered solutions that best meet the customers' needs.

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