FIRESTONE part description

Order Number:


Bellows #:


Assembly Weight:

11.5 lbs

Design Height:

6-7 inches

Minimum Jounce Height:

3.75 inches

Maximum Rebound Height:

11.5 inches

Loading Capacity at 20 psig:

1,320 lbsf

Loading Capacity at 60 psig:

3,960 lbsf

Loading Capacity at 90 psig:

5,940 lbsf

Natural Frequency:


Maximum Diameter:

11.7 inches

Material Type:


Operating Temperature:

57Cº to-54Cº



TR: B-7107


Product Description

Airide Air Spring Reversible Sleeve

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Firestone Industrial Products® is a proud manufacturer of air spring and other anti-vibration solutions to heavy duty trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, rail cars, and industrial equipment. It has come a long way since it revolutionized transportation with the introduction of the Airide™ Air Spring in 1938. Today, Firestone is more than just an air spring manufacturer—it’s a global leader and a local partner that sees solutions where others see obstacles. Both OEMs and everyday consumers trust this brand for their air suspension needs because of its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. All Firestone parts are engineered and tested in ISO-certified facilities to ensure they meet the strictest standards and customer specifications.

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