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Carrier Bearing

Stemco Gaff™ Carrier Bearing Assembly

A part of Stemco Gaff™’s comprehensive range of truck parts and hardware, the Stemco Gaff™ carrier bearing assembly is specifically engineered to extend the life of any equipment’s suspension. Whether it’s for repair or maintenance, this product provides consistent quality at a budget-friendly price.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven to maintain chemical and physical properties even when used under extreme temperatures
  • Made resistant to ozone and UV, so it’s less susceptible to damage
  • Designed to fight degradation by oil, grease, or fuel
  • Does not easily tear even in demanding conditions
  • Offers increased durability as it is made more susceptible to rubber

STEMCO® is a recognized global leader in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive line of high-performance systems and components to the commercial vehicle industry. Its wide range of products includes wheel-end components, such as fasteners, hubcaps, bearings, seals, and mileage counters, and brake parts, which include brake drums, brake pads, and adjusters. It also offers suspension products like spring pins, king pin kits, polyurethane suspensions, tie rod assemblies, and mount and blocking components. All these products are made to the highest quality and safety standards to ensure superior performance and maximum durability even when used in the harshest of conditions. STEMCO is ISO-9001:2015 certified.

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