764-1211-210 by TROMBETTA

764-1211-210 by TROMBETTA

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Solenoid, 12V 4 Terminals, Intermittent, 5/16-24 Studs



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TROMBETTA part description

  • Voltage: 12
  • Mounting: Flat 180 (F180)
  • Duty Cycle: Intermittent duty
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Contact Material: Copper
  • Number of Terminals: 4
  • Notes: 5/16-24 Studs
  • Application: ATV, Utility Vehicle, Snowmobile, Golf Cart, & Lawn and Garden Applications

Trombetta Solenoid

The Trombetta solenoid ensures a robust construction and innovative design to meet the demands of heavy-duty mobile equipment. Manufactured by a global leader in the design and production of DC power switching and power management products for mobile equipment, this solenoid performs well even in extreme conditions.

Features & Benefits
  • Mount bracket comes with a slot for mounting band
  • Highly resistant to liquid, dust, and other contaminants
  • Designed to work well even in harsh operating conditions
  • Ideal for ATVs, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, golf carts, and for lawn and garden applications

Trombetta® is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of DC power switching and power management products for mobile equipment. Its comprehensive product line-up includes some of the most reliable voltage regulators, industrial solenoids, and CAN controls, ranging from I/O devices to H-bridge modules and sensors specifically designed for the heavy duty truck and RV markets. Each of these products is engineered using the latest manufacturing technology and goes through extensive validation and testing in its ISO 9001-2015-certified facility to ensure product durability, longevity, and superior performance. Trombetta continually improves its products, services, and quality management system to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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