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CATERPILLAR part description

12 Volt 60 Amps Heavy Duty Alternator

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Alternators supply electrical power to operate electrical attachments and/or accessories. Cat® Alternators are divided into two categories: brush type and brushless.

• Built-in electronic voltage regulators
• High-efficiency cooling system
• Brushless design alternators feature tighter air gap tolerances and superior sealing for longer life in dusty, dirty environments.

Reman option available.

*Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Looking for a Remanufactured Part Option?

Cat® Reman parts offer same-as-new quality and reliability at a fraction-of-new cost.
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Brand: Cat
Remanufactured 12 Volt 60 Amps Heavy Duty Alternator
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CATERPILLAR 7G7889 Cross Reference

We have 4 alternatives for the 7G7889 by CATERPILLAR:

When it comes to construction vehicles and equipment, no other brand is more highly respected than Caterpillar®. For over 95 years, Caterpillar has been the leading manufacturer of construction and mining vehicles and components. Its catalog is among the largest in the world, with more than 1.4 million parts in stock ranging from excavator attachments to air-conditioning kits. Each component is designed, manufactured, and assembled according to strict specifications to ensure reliable performance in rugged operating conditions and long-lasting service life. For customers with tighter budgets, Caterpiller also offers remanufactured parts for the drivetrain, air suspension, hydraulics, and other major systems that have the same degree of quality but at a more affordable cost.

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