E-Z RED part description

Features and Benefits:

  • Removes and installs the roll pin that retains the hydraulic line to the master and slave cylinder
  • Removes and installs roll pins on Hydraulic clutch lines
  • Work in tight or hard to reach areas
  • Works well with steel or plastic components
  • Eliminates the need for a hammer and roll pin punch

Installing a pin:
Turn the knob counterclockwise and insert pin on the end of the threaded shaft. Turn the knob clockwise until the pin is flush on both sides.

Removal a pin:
Turn the knob counterclockwise to line up the roll pin with the threaded shaft, then turn the knob clockwise until the pin is removed.


90 day warranty on material and workmanship

E-Z Red® is a proud manufacturer and supplier of lighting products, specialty hand tools, tool organizers, and battery tools. It has been in business since 1966, and over the years, it has helped millions of customers in getting the job done fast and easily. EZRED’s neck lights, for one, allow customers to work hands-free, thanks to their innovative wearable design. Despite the company’s continued success, EZRED remains committed to serving the professional and consumer markets worldwide. With locations in New York, New Jersey, Belgium, China, and Taiwan, the company continues to refine its innovation and go-to market process to help customers meet and achieve their goals.

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