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MEI part description

TM16 DIR.MT. COMP w/120MM 8G


About MEI Corp

MEI Corp, also known as MEI Corporation, is a trusted name when it comes to air conditioning and heating components for the heavy duty HVAC market. It traces back its roots to 1953 when it started as Matthews Equipment. The company has grown immensely since then with its products divided among its AirSource, Truck Air Parts, CoolStar, and CoolPoint catalogs. MEI Corp caters to owners and operators of heavy duty (Class 6, 7, and 8) and medium duty trucks as well as mining, off-road, and agricultural equipment. It offers more than 6,500 part numbers, including genuine OEM compressors and parts and high-quality re-engineered parts, all at competitive prices. Despite its continued success, MEI Corp remains committed to adding more products to its expansive list of heavy-duty air conditioning and heating components to meet its customers’ needs. All MEI Corp products are stocked and shipped from the company’s state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot distribution center near Atlanta, Georgia.

OEM and Aftermarket - MEI Corp takes great pride in its huge inventory of Genuine 'First Fit' Products and quality engineered replacement parts.

Experienced Customer Service - MEI Corp’s exemplary customer service ensures you are satisfied with your MEI Corp parts purchase.

Extensive Product Selection - From switches, thermostats, and expansion valves to compressors and receiver driers, MEI Corp has got the right A/C and heating parts for you always.

Wide Application Coverage - Whether you’ve got heavy duty trucks, medium duty trucks, buses, off-road, or agricultural equipment, MEI Corp has got your back for all your A/C and heating parts needs.

MEI Corp Parts

MEI Corp parts are offered under two product groups: AirSource and Truck Air Parts. These are the industry’s only "True All Makes" air conditioning and heating parts, so more customers come to trust this brand for their repair and maintenance needs. But aside from its AirSource and TruckAir Parts catalogs, MEI Corp also offers its products under the CoolStar and RoadForce brands. The MEI Corp product line now includes expansion valves, thermostats, switches, heater valves, blower motors, and blower wheels. It also contains compressors, condenser coils, clutches, receiver driers, heater cores, hose and fittings, evaporator coils, and lubricants. And if it’s a complete A/C system or other tools and equipment you need, this brand has got you covered as well. MEI Corp has really gone far and beyond to meet the changing needs of its customers. So, when it’s time for you to replace any of your existing A/C and heating parts, go for MEI Corp.

MEI Corp Switches

A malfunctioning or a totally defective switch can compromise your HVAC’s overall operation. Good thing, MEI Corp has got a wide selection of switches. From toggle switch, low pressure switch, and blower switch to high pressure switch, air sensing switch, and rotary switch, this brand has all types of switches in stock. MEI Corp switches are manufactured following strict OE standards to work like their original counterparts. Plus, they feature a factory-like fit for seamless installation.

MEI Corp A/C Thermostat

If you’re experiencing air temperature changes in your vehicle and you start noticing odd temperature gauge readings, coolant leaks, strange sounds, and heater problems, it’s most likely that your vehicle’s thermostat is going bad or has failed completely. A bad thermostat could lead to serious problems, so replace it right away with MEI Corp A/C thermostat. The thermostat and other HVAC components from MEI Corporation are made to meet the highest quality and safety standards and are rigorously tested to ensure their maximum efficiency and performance. They are engineered to meet exacting standards, so they perform and fit just like the OE components.

MEI Corp A/C Receiver Driers

MEI Corp’s expansive product line also includes the A/C receiver driers. These components are not only of high quality but are also highly durable to ensure they last for years to come. Each MEI Corp A/C receiver drier goes through rigorous manufacturing and testing processes for superior performance and maximum reliability in any condition. When is the best time to replace your old receiver drier with one from MEI Corporation? The answer is simple. Simply check out for signs of refrigerant leakage, a rattling sound, a slight temperature drop, and a moldy scent. Once you confirm that indeed it’s a bad receiver drier that’s causing all these issues, make sure to replace it right away with a receiver drier from MEI Corp.

MEI Corp A/C Compressors

MEI Corporation is proud to offer A/C compressors and parts for heavy duty trucks and other vehicles. You see, no matter how well your A/C compressor works in your truck, it will still fail at some point. Some of the leading causes of A/C compressor failure are loss or lack of lubrication, broken or deformed reed valve, leaking compressor shaft seal, excessive A/C system pressure, and blown head gasket. It’s quite a good thing that MEI Corp has got the perfect solution for your A/C system woes. Simply choose from the brand’s extensive list of MEI Corp A/C compressors to find the exact unit that suits your vehicle requirements.

MEI Corp HVAC Parts

There are so many working parts that comprise your HVAC system, and once one or more of these starts to malfunction, its overall operation will be compromised. Don’t fret, however, because MEI Corporation has got the widest selection of HVAC components for your replacement parts needs. From orifice tube, filter, blower motor, and hose and fittings to expansion valves, condenser coils, and cables, this brand has them in stock. MEI Corp offers genuine OEM parts as well as aftermarket components to suit your specific needs.

Shop MEI Corp Products at FinditParts.com

Shopping for your needed MEI Corp parts has never been easier when you do it right here at FinditParts. We are your one-stop shop for all your heavy duty truck parts needs. For your HVAC system repair and maintenance, we carry a large selection of replacement parts from MEI Corp, all offered at very competitive prices. Do you need a new A/C compressor, receiver drier, or thermostat? How about switches, hose and fittings, and expansion valves? Whatever it is that you need, we have it right here at a price you can afford. To find out more about our MEI Corp products, you can check out our catalog or contact our customer support team. Feel free to use our quick lookup by part feature to find the exact-match product that you need in seconds. Just enter the part number or part name of your desired product and that’s it. Simply place your order online and we’ll process it in no time. We offer fast, reliable shipping on all MEI Corp products, so you need not wait long to have your HVAC system up and running again. In case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we have a no-hassle return policy in place. Your complete satisfaction is our utmost priority, so let us know if you have any concerns or questions regarding your purchase. Shop with confidence here at FinditParts now!

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