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Denso R Starter 

Offering sturdy structure, excellent fit, and robust performance, the Denso R starter is the exact replacement part that you need to bring your truck’s engine back to life in no time. This OSGR-type is manufactured following strict OE specifications to ensure it fits and works just like the stock starter that came with your truck.

Features & Benefits

  • Denso R starters are class leaders in size and weight
  • Uses a compact high-speed motor that is decelerated by ⅓ to ¼ to drive the pinion gear
  • Delivers maximum cranking torque under all conditions
  • Environmentally designed to start in all weather conditions
  • The armature is high-voltage tested to ensure insulation resistance
  • Equipped with torque-tested and lubricated clutch assembly for superior performance

Product Description


DENSO TG428000-4420 Cross Reference

We have 3 alternatives for the TG428000-4420 by DENSO:

For more than 50 years, Denso® has been the leading starter and alternator supplier in the world, keeping the most powerful heavy-duty trucks and trailers operating on and off the highway. In addition to conventional starters, it also offers a wide range of A/C components, sensors, filters, spark plugs, fuel injection components, and other automotive service parts. All Denso® factories are QS9000 and ISO9000 certified with a “zero defects” standard to ensure only the highest level of quality on all Denso products. Founded in 1949, Denso continues to develop and produce premium electrical components and other automotive parts to cater to its customers’ changing heavy-duty truck and trailer needs.

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