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4-Inch by 30-Foot Flat Hook Red Winch Strap, Ancra's 4-in. x 30-ft. red winch strap with flat hook makes securing heavy-duty cargo easy with high-quality materials and long-lasting resistances to wear. Made of high-performance treated polyester webbing, the winch strap lasts long with high resistance to wear and abrasion. The winch strap can be used effectively in inclement weather for daily flatbed operations., The 4-in. x 30-ft. red winch strap also features a heavy-duty steel 41766-18 flat hook for securing the strap firmly to anchor points. A powder coat finish helps protect the hook from rust and corrosion while an aluminum edge guard in the webbing slot protects the webbing from damage, increasing the longevity of the winch strap as a whole. With high durability and a working load limit of 5,400 lbs, the winch strap is a smart investment that will last for years., Our strap is engineered to meet or exceed WSTDA T-1 Recommended Standard Specifications., Custom lengths and webbing configurations are available, and custom lengths and end hardware are quoted upon request.

Product Attributes

Length 360 in.
Color Red
Width 4 in.
Specification Met WSTDA T-1
Strap End Type Flat Hook
Strap Material Polyester
Working Load Limit 5,400 lbs.
With a mission to "be a world-class leader in the area of cargo handling and restraint systems by providing quality products on time with the greatest value to our customers," Ancra® has been dedicated to not only meet but also exceed customers' expectations. This brand caters to those who are in the business of moving cargo, whether by truck, plane, train, ship, or van. Ancra Cargo designs and manufactures solutions that meet the customers' demands. It is renowned for providing the global market with the best restraints system available. ANCRA also carries flatbed and interior van solutions, utility tie-downs, safety products, lifting solutions, and many other products with the highest level of quality the brand has long been known for. 

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