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Sub Part Category Casting #
Bar Pin Alignment Shim 3/16"
Make Series Model Year
Hendrickson R 400/403/460/463
Hendrickson RS 400/403/460/463
Hendrickson RT/RTE 340/343/400/403/460/463
Hendrickson AR2 400/460
Hendrickson Haulmaax

11 Schematics

Hendrickson Models- R 480/503/520/523 - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Models- RS 400/403/460/463 - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Models- RT/RTE 340/343/400/403/460/463 - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Models - U2/UE2 340/380 with 1-3/8" Spring Pins (Rear) - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson PRIMAAX Standard - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Models - R 400/403/460/463 - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Models-HN 400 and HN402/460/462 2nd design Rear-Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Models - RS 480/503/520/523 - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Model - RT/RTE 480/503/520/523 - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Hendrickson Models- U/UE, RU/RUE 340 with 1-1/4" Spring Pins (Rear) - Truck/Tractor Suspension
Air Link - AL460/520 (Rear) - Truck/Tractor Suspension

Cross Reference

Hendrickson Models- R 480/503/520/523 - Truck/Tractor Suspension

Since 1919, Triangle Suspension Systems Co.® has set the gold standard for steel leaf springs. With generations of spring shop customers going back for more than 7 decades, Triangle Suspension has made a name for itself for its use of high-quality materials that are backed by ISO-compliant manufacturing processes. Their catalog covers a wide range of applications, including leaf spring assemblies, air beams, and helper springs for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles. They also offer spring repair components and custom-engineered spring to fill almost any niche. All their products are manufactured in-house in their DuBois, PA, manufacturing facility and distributed across the United States and beyond.


Review by Bruno S on 03/12/2021

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