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Racor ECO III Air Filters – About:

With the ECO III series, Racor engineers have revolutionized the performance of air filtration while simplifying installation and service. The engineered mounting system was designed for flexibility and convenience. The reversible base mounting bracket and included hardware mounts quickly, in any direction to frame rail or firewall. This complete mounting system eliminates the need for custom made, field-engineered and installed brackets for a significant savings of time and money. The ECO III product line is the result of collaborative efforts between Racor engineering and our customers, followed by extensive on-highway, real-world testing and laboratory certifications. Advanced materials and design features allow installation flexibility, superior performance, ease of service, and unmatched customer satisfaction. ECO III is designed for 250 to 400 horsepower engines for over-the-road vehicles, including buses and specialty applications. Because ECO III delivers high efficiency in a small overall package design, the air filtration system can be located closer to turbochargers for increased performance and frees valuable space in the engine compartment.

Racor ECO III Air Filters – How They Work:

The ECO III housing design disperses contaminated airflow around the filter, so dust loading is uniform across the entire area of the filter resulting in a longer change-out interval when compared to other tangential intake filters. The ECO III proprietary treated moisture-bloc media is also water resistant. When moisture-bloc is combined with Racor water separating intake scoops, you have an exceptional, fast-draining air filtration system. In severe duty, or when an extra measure of protection is desired, Racor provides a secondary, or safety filter. Its inverted cone design adds surface area helping to reduce pressure drop significantly without affecting flow. In addition to adding insurance in the unlikely event of a primary filter failure, the safety filter remains in place during primary filter service, further reducing the opportunity for contaminants to reach the turbocharger and engine components.

Racor ECO III Air Filters - Additional Features and Benefits:

- Flow Range: 700 to 1000 cfm (19.8 to 28.3 m3/min) (Depending on product selected)
- Horizontal or vertical mounting
- Tangential inlet for even contaminant loading and longer life
- CCV (Crank Case Ventilation) port for closed crankcase ventilation system exhaust line
- 180° housing rotation for custom installations
- No metal filter elements – can be incinerated
- High performance engineered plastic construction with 4 levels of sealing protection


Brand Racor
Series ECO III
Series Type Cartridge Air
Filtered Medium Engine Air
Outlet Connection 6 in/15.2 cm
Maximum Horsepower (hp) N/A
Inlet Connection 6 in/15.2 cm
Length 20.5 in/52.1 cm
Outside Diameter 13 in/33 cm
Mounting Position Horizontal or Vertical
Mounting Clamp Required Included
Replacement Element Primary: 500247012
Safety: 500233000
Application Mobile gas and diesel engines
Accessory Type Restriction gauges, clamps and hoses available - see brochure

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Racor Filters® is a renowned name in the automotive and trucking industry. It specializes in the production of commercial filtration products such as fuel filters, oil filters, and engine-air filters. It started its operation in 1972 in Modesto, CA, and over a decade later, it was acquired by Parker Hannifin, a worldwide leader in motion and control technologies. Today, Racor Filters is known by many as Parker Racor, and it continues to develop more effective filtration media to keep up with customers' demands. All Racor filters are made to the highest quality standards to meet stringent new engine performance requirements and ensure longer service life.


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