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Grade 70 3/8-Inch Slip Hook with Safety Latch, The grade 70 3/8-in. slip hook with safety latch is designed to secure heavy-duty cargo with reliable strength you can count on for years. Built with forged steel, the slip hook offers up to 6,600 lbs of lifting capacity while a zinc-plated gold chromate finish helps to protect the hook against rust and corrosion., The included spring tension safety latch prevents the hook from slipping off the anchor point, and a 1.30-in. throat opening offers plenty of clearance. The grade 70 3/8-in. slip hook with safety latch comes packaged individually in a polybag.

Product Attributes

Material Forged Steel
Grade 70
Hook Type Slip Hook
Length 0.375 in.
Notes With spring tension safety latch, 1.10 in. throat opening 
Weight 0.3 lbs.
Working Load Limit 6,600 lbs.

Additional Information

Country of Origin (Primary) CN
UPC 00092888331857
With a mission to "be a world-class leader in the area of cargo handling and restraint systems by providing quality products on time with the greatest value to our customers," Ancra® has been dedicated to not only meet but also exceed customers' expectations. This brand caters to those who are in the business of moving cargo, whether by truck, plane, train, ship, or van. Ancra Cargo designs and manufactures solutions that meet the customers' demands. It is renowned for providing the global market with the best restraints system available. ANCRA also carries flatbed and interior van solutions, utility tie-downs, safety products, lifting solutions, and many other products with the highest level of quality the brand has long been known for. 

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