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UNITED PACIFIC part description

Countertop Display - For 4" And 3/4" Double Fury Lights

United Pacific Countertop Display

The United Pacific countertop display is an interactive and attractive solution for showcasing 4" and 3/4" double fury lights. The display is compact in size, measuring 20-1/2" X 21-1/2" X 9-1/16", and is designed to fit easily on any counter.

Features & Benefits
  • Eye-catching display that attracts potential customers and increases sales
  • Interactive switches allow customers to turn lights on and off, creating an engaging shopping experience
  • Compact size makes it a space-saving solution for any retail environment
  • Ready to use upon purchase, saving time and effort
  • Includes both 4" and 3/4" double fury lights, providing a wider range of lighting options for customers
  • Individually labeled lights make it easy for customers to find the specific light they need.
  • Can showcase multiple types of lights, making it a versatile solution for different retail environments

United Pacific® is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of automotive products for classic cars and heavy duty trucks. It's an industry leader that carries over 20,000 top-quality and innovative products such as lighting components, car care products, interior and exterior accessories, motorcycle products, chassis and suspension parts, and automotive tools. It is an international company that searches for the best and most reliable components around the world and uses them to assemble each United Pacific product in the USA. With its over 30 years of industry experience, United Pacific is committed to designing and developing only the best products and delivering topnotch customer service worldwide.


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