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Dual Pole QCS2® Straight Back Kit

  • Includes everything needed to upgrade a zinc die-cast dual pole connection to a weather-proof, corrosion-resistant connection.
  • Kit includes: Dual Pole QCS2® with terminated ends and socket, stainless steel mounting bracket, 120 amp circuit breaker, 18" battery jumper cable, and three (3) 3/4" cushion clamps


    Dual Pole QCS2® Boot and Socket
    Molded Socket Boot with Completely Sealed Inner Cavity

  • Completely sealed for maximum protection against moisture and contaminant intrusion
    Simple Socket Maintenance and Replacement with Offset Pins
  • Quick and easy plug-in bulleted termination, no re-wiring
  • Prevents electrical arcing for potentially causing damage


    Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket

  • For mounting a Dual Pole QCS2® and 7-way socket together
  • Available as a separate mounting accessory (P/N 15-791)


    120 Amp Waterproof Circuit Breaker

  • Sealed housing and flush mount design with push-to-trip button that acts as a master disconnect
  • Protects against damage caused by excess current


For over 90 years, Phillips Industries® has been the leading developer and manufacturer of electrical and air brake system components for commercial trucks and trailers. The company supplies virtually every major tractor and trailer manufacturer in the U.S., making Phillips products a standard in nearly all Class 8 trucks. More than half of all trailers manufactured in North America are fitted with at least one part from Phillips. Driven by its passion for making "products that make a difference" to customers in every corner of the world, Phillips works closely with freight carriers to develop components and systems that work better and last longer than the competition.


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