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The Mazda Motor Company — often referred to by the shortened version of its name, Mazda — is one of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the world. This Japanese company has a multi-national reach, employing tens of thousands of employees and producing more than one million vehicles every year.

Mazda's history is a lengthy one. Founded in January of 1920, Mazda is over a century old. That means that the company has survived through two World Wars, a military coup in the Japanese government, and countless other national, international, and global setbacks. In the late 20th century, when American automakers saw a brief lull in productivity, foreign automakers like Mazda took the opportunity to break into the American markets.

Since then Mazda has manufactured millions of vehicles for use in countless industries around the world. Those vehicles come in just about every shape and size ranging from two-wheeled vehicles (such as motorcycles) to heavy-duty, class eight commercial trucks and just about everything in between.

We at FindItParts have curated a list of over 17,000 Mazda pieces, parts, and hardware and put them all together in one convenient location in order to make finding the right Mazda products as easy as possible. We have formatted this list into a searchable, scrollable system complete with check-box filters, pictures, and — where applicable — cross-references with similar products.

Since Mazda is an OEM, it can be a great place to look for replacement parts, repair parts, and other parts for Mazda vehicles.

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