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Product Description

Spherical Surface-Mounted Waterproof Color Camera with Night Vision

Features & Benefits

  • A spherical surface side-mounted waterproof color camera with night vision
  • Uses a 4-pin connection
  • With IP68 rating for dust and water resistance
  • 120° viewing angle allows the driver to capture everything happening around
  • May be added to the Buyers Products Rear Observation Backup Systems for additional view

features a 120¦ viewing angle. Its versatile design makes it ideal for a variety of applications.The durable camera is rated IP68 for dust and water resistance.It can be added to Buyers Products Rear Observation Backup Systems (see Related Products below) to provide additional views.

Buyers Products Night Vision Camera

For enhanced driving safety at night or in poorly lit areas, equip your ride with the Buyers Products night vision camera. This camera boasts a versatile design, making it an ideal addition to a variety of applications.

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