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MACK Air Brake ABS Solenoid Valve

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8235-R950127 8235-R950127
air brake abs solenoid valve | air brake abs solenoid valve (more info...) air brake abs solenoid valve | air brake abs solenoid valve
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Air Brake ABS Solenoid Valve
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About Mack

Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, Mack is one of North America’s oldest and largest manufacturers of Class 8 trucks, engines, and transmission parts. With a history that dates back to the late 19th century, Mack trucks have provided reliable transportation for various businesses in the US and other countries for more than 120 years. Today, Mack trucks are among the most advanced heavy duty trucks on the market, designed and built using the latest industry innovations at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Macungie, Pa, and Hagerstown, Md. The company also operates assembly plants in Australia and Venezuela, giving Mack trucks a reach that spans 45 countries worldwide. In addition to trucks, engine, and transmission systems, Mack also provides extensive after-sales support to its customers, including replacement parts. From cooling system components to body panels, Mack offers a comprehensive catalog of replacement parts and accessories. These parts are covered by the same guarantee of quality and performance customers have come to expect from the Mack brand.

Quality - Proven and tested to keep your Mack Truck running strong for years to come.

All-Makes - You'll find the parts you need to keep moving, no matter the make and model.

Unmatched Selection - A wide variety of genuine, all-makes, and remanufactured parts for all of your maintenance and repair needs.

Long-Lasting - Mack parts are built to last, minimizing downtime while keeping cost of ownership low.

Mack Parts

Mack strongly advises using only genuine Mack parts to replace damaged or worn down components on their trucks. This is more than just marketing: genuine Mack parts are specially made for use in Mack’s line of heavy duty trucks. Each component is designed, manufactured, and tested to match the OEM specifications for a specific Mack truck model. This ensures performance and quality that’s identical to the one on your truck. Also, since they share the same specs with the stock component, Mack genuine parts are easy to install and do not require significant adjustments or modifications for a perfect fit. Overall, you’ll get less downtime, a lower cost of ownership in the long term, and peace of mind knowing that your truck will run at its best. Today, Mack offers a wide range of replacement parts, including the following key components:

Mack Cooling System

The effectiveness of the engine is tied directly to its cooling system. Genuine Mack parts are designed to ensure the engine is running at optimum temperatures for longer.

Radiators: Mack radiators are built to fit the specs of the engine and match its cooling demands. Each radiator comes with high-grade tubing that’s precision-welded for durability and leak resistance. The radiator frame is also reinforced to absorb shock and impacts, extending the life of the core and other critical components.

Charge air cooler (CAC): Mack charge air coolers or intercoolers improve the flow of chilled air to the engine by reducing aerodynamic drag. The cooler is also specially engineered to lower air temperature while keeping pressure loss to a minimum., ensuring a complete burn of the fuel and air mixture under every engine load. Its unique internal fin design is also molded specifically to minimize pressure drop and efficient heat distribution.

Expansion tank: Another critical component in the cooling system, the coolant expansion tank or surge tank provides a space for pressurized coolant to expand and contract safely. Mack expansion tanks are made of heavy duty plastic that can withstand prolonged periods of severe heat, pressure, and road vibration. It also has an advanced flow control design to minimize air bubbles in the coolant, ensuring smooth coolant circulation, especially during demanding operating conditions.

Mack Filters

Genuine Mack filters are made of the finest filter media, adhesives, and sealant to provide superior filtration that’s at par or even better than performance-grade aftermarket filters.

Air filter: Mack air filters are designed to work seamlessly with the engine air intake and keep contaminants away from critical engine components. Once installed, it creates a tight seal that greatly reduces air leakage. The filter media is also rated to screen out at least 99.9% of contaminants for up to 24 months of normal operating conditions.

Cabin air filter: Mack cabin air filters are engineered to remove a wide range of airborne contaminants, including dust, pollen, soot, and smoke particles from inside the cab under various environments. It is available in multiple sizes and designs to accommodate specific applications.

Oil filter: Clean oil is critical in keeping the engine running at peak performance. Mack oil filters use high-quality filter media to remove even the most stubborn particles and sludge. They have also been tested in millions of miles in all Mack engines to ensure reliable performance under various operating conditions.

Fuel filter: Mack fuel filter assemblies consist of a primary filter, which separates water from the fuel, and a secondary filter that eliminates dirt and other contaminants before it reaches the engine. The filter is also housed in a durable steel cylinder with a spin-on design for easy installation and removal.

Mack Transmission

Mack transmission components are rugged and ready for work straight out of the assembly line. These precision parts are engineered to work in sync with various Mack truck models to deliver the best in power and performance. Customers can choose from transmissions with a variety of advanced features, including shiftable, multi-speed reverse capabilities, PTO mounting options, and intelligent software integration that allows for constant monitoring of vehicle speed, acceleration, and other critical data. The transmission casing is also made of one-piece aluminum, which offers a perfect balance of strength, reduced weight, and corrosion resistance.

Mack Exhaust

Breathe new life to your truck’s exhaust and emission systems with factory-new Mack parts. These components incorporate Mack’s revolutionary ClearTech exhaust after-treatment technology, which relies on state-of-the-art CFD analysis of internal exhaust flow and exhaust fluid mixing performance. Along with strict quality control and the use of premium-grade materials, Mack exhaust parts can bring down your truck’s emissions to almost zero and significantly improve engine performance and fuel mileage.

Diesel filter: Mack diesel particulate filters use passive exhaust heat to oxidize soot buildup. This catalyzed design virtually eliminates the need for filter regeneration in conventional highway applications. The filters are also housed in an easy-to-use cartridge that allows for removal and installation in just minutes.

EGR: Mack’s EGR system components are designed to efficiently recirculate exhaust gases into the engine and significantly reduce harmful nitrous oxide emissions. These components are also easier to clean than their aftermarket competitors, allowing for hassle-free maintenance, which, when done regularly, can further extend the life of the exhaust system.

Mack Remanufactured Parts

In addition to brand new parts, Mack also offers remanufactured engine, carrier, and transmission components under its REMACK line. REMACK parts are engineered and manufactured under the supervision of Mack’s team of technical experts to ensure compliance with Mack’s strict quality control standards. This ensures that any remanufactured parts from Mack are just as durable as their brand-new counterparts but at a more accessible price point. Also, since they are made in compliance with OE standards, REMACK parts will not void any warranties.

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