461045 by TRAMEC SLOAN

461045 by TRAMEC SLOAN

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Universal Truck Or Trailer Air Tank, 9.5"



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TRAMEC SLOAN part description

Fits many truck & trailer makes & models. Simply plug the unrequired ports!

FIGHT CORROSION! Tramec Sloan employs a 3-step exterior finishing process and an industry-leading interior finish on our air tanks. Our exterior finish has passed 250 hours of salt spray testing, far longer than the 48 hour SAE standard. The interior corrosion protection was adapted from marine and military applications with a self-healing barrier that also passes the same 250 hours of salt spray testing.

Paired with a Tramec Sloan drain valve, our air tanks can ensure years of trouble-free operation!

Product Description

Manufacturer: Tramec Sloan

Part Number: 461045

Universal Truck Air Tank

Diameter: 9.5"

Length: 32"

Capacity: 1600 cubic inches

Main Ports: 1/2" NPT (3)

End Ports (A): 1/2" NPT (3), 3/8" NPT (1), 1/4" NPT (1)

End Ports (B): 1/2" NPT (3), 3/8" NPT (1)

Meets SAEJ10B

Working Pressure: 150 PSI

Tramec Sloan® is a US-based manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of air products, electrical components, fittings and fasteners, and other mechanical parts for various commercial vehicles and industrial applications. The company is dedicated to providing not just superior-quality products but also exceptional service to its customers across the US. All Tramec Sloan products are created following stringent manufacturing processes to ensure reliable performance, long service life, and safety. And since they go through strict validation and testing, customers can rest assured that the product that they get from this brand will provide not only maximum performance and safety but also years of reliable service.


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