Features and Benefits

  • Removing drive axles is often frustrating and time consuming
  • It is usually done by hammering on the axle flange with a sledge or air hammer
  • This method is slow and often results in damaged studs, which must be replaced.
  • In addition, flying pieces of the axle flange can cause serious injury
  • The kiene k-1280 axle shaft remover is a better way: a specially heat treated alloy drive pin provides a large easy-to-hit target that extends well beyond the wheel
  • The drive pin is spring loaded so that it maintains contact with the axle flange
  • The removal process is faster since the mechanic can hit harder and with greater accuracy
  • The k-1280 is a rugged, lightweight tool that installs in less than a minute. Accommodates rockwell and eaton axles
  • Furnished with two (2) 5/8-18 stud adapters
  • Additional stud adapters are available

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