MERITOR part description

Application Steer
Hex 2 1/4 in.
Inside Diameter 1/1/2002
OEM Navistar 141132H; Meritor 1227-B-106
Thickness 16-Jul
Thread 1-1/2-12
Type Steer Axle Spindle Outer Nut
VMRS Code 018-004-013

Meritor Spindle Nut

The Meritor spindle nut is designed for pinpoint accuracy and easy adjustment. Each nut is machined to ultra-tight tolerances and complies with OEM specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Nut face is heat treated for increased structural strength and durability
  • Helps ensure the hub assembly has a secure fit at the proper setting
  • Designed for easier installation and maintenance and does not require special tools
  • Helps maximize tire life and reduce maintenance downtime

Product Description


Product Attributes

Application Steer
Brand Meritor
Hex 2 1/4 in.
Inside Diameter 1-1/2
OEM Navistar 141132H; Meritor 1227-B-106
Pallet Quantity 1000
Thickness 7/16 in.
Thread 1-1/2"-12
Type Steer Axle Spindle Outer Nut
Weight .30

MERITOR R002296 Cross Reference

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Meritor®, whose roots could be traced back to 1909, is backed by over 100 years of industry experience plus a massive portfolio of products for various industries. In 1998, it made several acquisitions, including Volvo Trucks' heavy vehicle manufacturing operation in Sweden, Euclid Industries, and Lucas Varity's Heavy Vehicle Braking Systems division. Such investments solidify Meritor's position as the leading global supplier of brakes, axles, drivelines, transmissions, suspensions, tire inflations systems, and a whole lot of parts, hardware, and accessories for the automotive, truck, trailer, rail cars, bus and coach, and many other applications. Its "Run with the Bull" global brand identity further strengthens its commitment to provide the industry with durable products, unparalleled service and support, and continuous innovation.


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