COLE HERSEE part description

Picture shows connector AND typical 95060 switch. #31101 is plug and wires only. Wires and Deutsch-type connector suitable for Cole Hersee 95060 95061 and 95062 series Sealed Key Switches

Property Value
Description Wiring Connector
Details Deutsch-type for 95060 Series

Cole Hersee Switch Wiring Connector

The Cole Hersee switch wiring connector is a high-quality accessory for use with selected Cole Hersee sealed key switches. It is suitable for use in heavy duty applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with Cole Hersee 95060, 95061, and 95062 Series sealed key switches
  • Built and tested to withstand harsh operating conditions
  • Tested for use in construction, agriculture, materials handling, and transit and commercial vehicles and equipment
  • Made of high-quality materials and free of defects

Cole Hersee® is highly valued in the heavy duty truck industry. It is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty battery master switches that are widely used as OE equipment by leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. These switches are essential safety components for trucks as they help prevent theft, tampering, electrical fires, and battery drain. Founded in 1924, Cole Hersee is committed to improving vehicle safety by partnering with ECCO Safety Group Australia (ESGA) to establish and implement safety standards for trucks that drive onto mining sites. Its products are also manufactured in its ISO 9001:2008-certified facility and undergo strict testing to ensure safety and reliability.

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