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Headquartered in Tokyo, Hitachi Ltd is a highly diversified Japanese manufacturing corporation with over 1,000 subsidiaries. The company's rich history started in 1910, when its founder Odaira Namihel, put up an electrical repair shop at a copper mine northeast of Tokyo. In 1930, Hitachi ventured into domestic production of automotive electric parts. A few years after, Hitachi Automotive Systems released Japan's first impeller-type lever arm shock absorbers, followed by the country's first brake cylinders. Hitachi's automotive division changed its name in early 2021 to Hitachi Astemo (coined from the first letters of the words "Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Mobility"). Under Hitachi Astemo are various product brands—Nissin, Showa, Tokico, Huco, and Keihin— that focus on producing industry-leading products and solutions for automobiles and motorcycles.

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