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  • Plugs Directly Into a 12-Volt Power Port To Heat Food In Your Truck or Camper and Has a 4.5 Foot Power Plug So You Can Easily Maneuver Your Portable Pan To a Flat Surface Area
  • This 2 Quart (1.9L) 12V Pan with Stay Cool Handle Is Great for Reheating
  • Nonstick Inside Surface So Clean Up Is Easy Which Can Make a Long Haul Trip or a Camping Trip a Lot More Enjoyable
  • Vented Tempered Glass Lid To Release Excess Moisture While Locking In Flavors
  • Nonslip Feet Keep Pan Secure When In Use So You Can Easily Prepare Your Meal Powered By Your Vehicles Dc
For almost 50 years, RoadPro® has been supplying general travel merchandise and auto accessories for the automotive and trucking industry. Its products are designed primarily to provide safety, comfort, convenience, and leisure at great value. When the company started, it only focused on providing quality CB accessories, including antennas, mounts, cabling, and power accessories. Over the years, it realized the evolving needs of professional drivers for products that can keep them safe, comfortable, and connected. RoadPro responded to this by expanding its product portfolio, which is now categorized into three: Truck and Auto Supplies, Mobile Electronics, and Travel Gear. All these products are sure to bring the comforts of home to the road.

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