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  • Scaffold steel carabiner
  • Applications: Perfect for construction & many other industrial occupations; This carabiner is lightweight, easy to use with a convenient double locking mechanism.
  • Material: Made with zinc plated steel, this high-strength carabiner resists rust, corrosion and weathering; Making it highly durable for a small package.
  • Certified: With a gate strength requirement of 3,600 lb., this double locking carabiner meets ANSI Z359.12 standards.

From its inception in 2008, PeakWorks has been passionate about providing workers peace of mind when working at heights. The PeakWorks founders, with over 50 years of fall protection experience between them, set out to build a company that not only offered an industry-leading product line, but also provided their customers with value-added services supplying real solutions for both workers and the companies employing them. Today, as an integral part of our family of brands, we embrace those same principles. We know that the best fall protection is to eliminate the fall hazard in the first place. However, we also know that life does not always work that way. Our single goal, then, remains very simple: to ensure the best possible outcome when the unexpected occurs. PeakWorks Embraces Industry Standards, our in-house fall protection experts are driven to provide the best possible products and systems to ensure maximum worker safety. Like you, we live and work in North America, and we are intimately knowledgeable about the strict regulations imposed in this country, which has the highest standards in the world. In fact, we are so dedicated to the advancement of worker safety that our fall protection experts are active members of both the CSA and ANSI standards committees. Not only do we adhere to these standards, we help to develop them! PeakWorks Thrives on Problem Solving for workers at height. Our team of experts is available to consult on applications, hazard analysis training, recertification of products and much more. If you need help, we are just a phone call away! PeakWorks Offers Uncompromising Value Great news! Not only have we developed a world-class fall protection program, we have also made every effort to ensure that it is delivered at the best value to you, the customer. We have accomplished this without compromising product quality—your safety remains our primary objective. So, give us a call and let us know how PeakWorks can not only exceed your safety expectations but potentially lower your overall fall protection costs at the same time. ANSI Certification Products that are certified to the ANSI standard is much different than products that meets or exceed ANSI standard. Certified to ANSI means that the product has been tested and certified by a third-party testing facility that have meet all the requirements of ISO 17025. The products undergo all the testing that is set forth by the ANSI standard to qualify as certified product. This gives the user an extra level of assurance that the product will perform as designed. On the other hand, if a product has the term” Meets or exceeds” on the labeling or instruction manual, it simply means that the manufacturer has tested the products internally usually without a 3rd party verification. It’s important that you as the user of the equipment understand these differences so that you can make an informed decision on the products you are using or specifying to use in the field. In 2016, the SureWerx USA was born due to the merger of Sellstrom® Manufacturing Company and American Forge & Foundry Inc.® This merger further expanded the company's product line, which now includes American Forge & Foundry Inc.® lifting & shop equipment, PeakWorks® fall protection products, Pioneer® hi-viz safety apparel, KneePro® knee & elbow protection products, Wilson® welding blankets & curtains, Jackson Safety® Welding & PPE Products, Sellstrom® Welding & PPE Products, Duenorth® traction aid products, Viking by American Forge & Foundry Inc.® lifting & shop equipment and Rubz Massage® personal comfort products.

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