BEZARES USA part description

Series BE Series
Size Size L
Output Flange & Shaft SAE B, 13 Tooth (not available for 30 gal size)
Flow GPM @ 1000 RPM
Porting SAE
Thread Size 2.0"
Pump Size 13 16 19 22 26 30
Displacement (cu in/rev) 3.05 3.66 4.27 4.88 6.1 7.02
Flow rate (US Gal.) 13.2 15.9 18.5 21.1 26.4 30.4
Maximum. peak pressure (PSI) Max. Cont. 4000 3800 3500 3200 2900 2700
Max. Peak (5sec) 4300 4200 4000 3600 3200 3200
Speed (r.p.m) min. 500
max. (P1) 2750 2500
Dimensions (“) A 6.72 6.99 7.22 7.48 8.01 8.4
B 3.97 4.2 4.11 4.4 4.17 4.56
C 3.42 3.5 3.71 3.84 4.13 4.29
D 0.86 0.86 0.89 0.89 0.89 0.94
F 5.24 5.24 5.47 5.47 5.47 5.47
Weight (Lb) 28.2 29.8 31.3 34.2 37.5 39.02
Sense of Rotation Bi-directional
Input Pressure Recommended 10.15 ÷ 43.5 PSI abs
Temperatures From -13ºF to 176ºF
Oil Recommended Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids to ISO / DIN and fire resistant fluids
Viscosity Viscosidad Recommended 12 ÷ 100 mm2/s (cST)
Max. 750 mm2/s (cST)
Warranty Products manufactured by Bezares are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve months from date of installation if proper documentation is provided, otherwise twelve months from invoice date shall apply.

If requested by Bezares USA, Ltd., products or parts for which a warranty claim is made are to be returned transportation prepaid to Bezares USA, Ltd. Any product to be returned or claimed to be defective must be held for shipping instructions to Bezares USA, Ltd.

Bezares USA BE Series Hydraulic Gear Pump

Get improved hydraulic system performance with the Bezares BE Series hydraulic gear pump. Designed with reversible sense of rotation, internal drainage, and rear and side ports, this reliable, high-efficiency gear pump helps provide a continuous smooth flow. Whatever the application, there’s a perfect pump for you as this hydraulic pump is offered in a wide range of flanges, shafts, displacements, and porting options.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes rigid gear and housing design that allows for pumping liquids at higher pressures
  • Offers noise level reduction, availability of rear and side ports position, and a compact design for quick, trouble-free installation
  • Made of robust materials to ensure superior durability and longer service life
  • Rigorously tested to ensure consistent reliability throughout your hydraulic system’s lifetime
  • BEL series hydraulic pumps offer high efficiency and performance

BEZARES USA BELA26S20 Cross Reference

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Based in Toledo, Spain, Bezares USA® is one of the world's biggest suppliers of power takeoffs (PTOs) and hydraulic pumps and accessories. It maintains a dominant market share in Spain, the U.K.,  and Sweden and caters to customers in more than 80 countries. With decades of experience in the European market, Bezares offers a wide range of PTO units and components for Isuzu, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and Volvo transmissions, hydraulic pumps, dump pumps, birotational gear pumps, piston pumps, motors, and a range of auxiliary hydraulic components for trucks and industrial vehicles. All Bezares USA components draw from more than 90 years of experience and leadership in the industry.

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